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Natural Ways To Maximize Testosterone

Natural Ways To Maximize Testosterone

Posted by Rahul Web on

Natural Ways To Maximize Testosterone


Most competitive athletes want to have an edge or advantage in their gifted talents of physical play. We push our bodies to limits physically to see what we can achieve on the field or at an event, but there are 2 important facts that dictate our physical ability.

1. Our physical limitations are dictated by genetics.

2. We can expand the ability of these genetic limitations, thus improving performance.

You may ask yourself, “How can you improve your limitations within your body?”, and the simple answer is through testosterone.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone found in both men and women, and the hormone is produced within the testicles of men and within the adrenal glands and ovaries in women. The average testosterone count for men range from 300-1000 and the count for women averages from 15-70, and as more studies have shown over the last decade low testosterone levels can actually cause more harm than researchers had previously thought.

In men and even women we find the following:

-Changes in sleep patterns (less REM patterns) -Emotional distress that can result in lack of motivation -Increased body fat deposition -Decreased muscle mass and bone density

Women are not as widely effected as men, but symptoms of reduced natural testosterone levels will present in the same fashion.


Now we need to figure out the ways of naturally boosting testosterone in the body.

There are 6 recommended ways to boost your testosterone levels:

1. Following a high protein and fat rich diet that involves Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s

2. Consuming raw leafy veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc. 

3. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night.

4. Decreasing or limiting outside stresses. 

5. Following a daily regimen with physical activity that includes some form of resistance training. 

6. Incorporate Vitamins A,C,D,E and K as well as mineral Zinc.

Most natural athletes will look at this list and say to themselves “Hey! I already follow those guidelines!”, and if you already do, let’s look at a product by Performax Labs that focuses solely on increasing natural testosterone production. AlphaMax XT is the new hot product that has hit the market hard and stands by its natural testosterone-boosting power by not only containing 12 unique ingredients not found in your standard “proprietary blend”, but also providing proven and healthy results.

Imagine being able to increase your rep range by 1 each time you are in the gym. Visualize being able to increase your speed in a 40 by 0.10 seconds. These small changes could make a huge impact on an athlete’s potential, and any athlete, whether you are a natural bodybuilder, football player, or tennis player, would benefit from the addition of AlphaMax XT to their routine.

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