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Can Supplements Help With My Stress & Anxiety?

Can Supplements Help With My Stress & Anxiety?

Posted by Rahul Web on

Stress is something we all deal with at some point or another. Some of us deal with stress more often than others and the amount (magnitude) of stress everyone faces also varies substantially.

These days, individuals are stressed more often than ever, which has led individuals to search out various means for alleviating said stress. Ideally, stressful encounters would be few and far between, save for the regularly scheduled resistance-training workout or HIIT session you have planned.

But, the world is far from ideal, and some of the means individuals use to counter stress (prescriptions, alcohol, food, etc) are also far from ideal. Supplements offer a natural, non-habit forming alternative to help relieve stress and anxiety, but the real question is do they actually work?

The short answer, is yes. Certain supplements have been studied and shown to help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

Top 5 Supplements to Help with Stress & Anxiety


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogenic herb native to India, where it has been used as a staple in Ayurveda for centuries. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha improves the body’s ability to perceive, interact with, and recover from stress.

Research has shown that supplementing with ashwagandha can help reduce feelings of stress, fatigue, and anxiety.


Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that is held in high regard for its ability to promote feelings of relaxation and reduce stress without inducing sedation. This is due to theanine’s ability to increase levels of GABA in the brain -- the body’s primary inhibitory (“downer”) neurotransmitter.

Human studies indicate that theanine supplementation between 200-600mg can reduce the stress hormone cortisol in response to a stressful task as well as improve sleep.

Lemon Balm

A member of the mint family, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is recognized as a calming herb and has been used for centuries as a natural means to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain.


Modern research has shown the lemon balm supplementation on its own (as well as in combination with other calming agents) may help boost mood while also significantly increasing calmness and alertness.


Magnesium is an essential mineral/electrolyte involved in some 300+ biochemical reactions required to maintain homeostasis. In particular, magnesium modulates activity of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPAA), which is a key component of the stress response.

Magnesium deficiency has also been associated with photosensitive (light sensitivity) headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, audiogenic stress, cold stress, and physical stress. Research indicates that magnesium may help with brain functions that reduce stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is another adaptogen that has long been used in Traditional Medicine to reduce fatigue and improve feelings of energy and alertness. 

Modern studies have found that supplementing with the age-old botanical may help improve symptoms associated with chronic fatigue (poor sleep quality and impairments in short-term memory and concentration) as well as anxiety, exhaustion, and irritability.

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