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The Strongest Test Booster?

The Strongest Test Booster?

Posted by Rahul Web on

Why boost your test? To some this answer may seem obvious because they have experienced having high testosterone levels. The feeling alone is enough to want to increase them. However, it is much more beneficial than feeling good. Some of the most obvious effects are more muscle mass and increased fat burning effects in males. In females many unwanted side effects occur and outweigh the positives. While there are potential benefits for females we are going to stay focused on what this hormone can do for males in this article.

Increasing testosterone levels can increase strength and endurance as well as increasing metabolic rate. This results in increased muscle mass and lower body fat. Testosterone accomplishes this by playing a critical role in increasing the production of proteins (anabolism), decreasing the effects of stress hormones (anti-catabolism), regulating insulin, fat metabolism and secondary effects in digestion.

This hormone also has some other very interesting effects which have nothing to do with body composition. Testosterone plays a vital role in cognition which many people are not as aware of. How is this exhibited? Mainly through an increase in coordination and reaction time and can go as far as balance which is thought to be from the coordination and synchronizing of synaptic firing of motor neurons. Increased libido is also a highly sought after benefit from testosterone boosters. With increased libido comes an increase of energy and overall well-being, not to mention obvious benefits in the bedroom.


Before thinking about starting a testosterone booster it is very important to be active and maintain a healthy diet with many healthy fats. Eating a low fat diet can potentially lower all hormone levels of the body. Staying hydrated is also a very simple yet overlooked aspect. It is extremely important to stay hydrated and maintain good electrolyte balance.

After the basics are taken care of we look towards supplements. Test by Rise Performance contains a powerful cocktail of compounds which aim to increase testosterone, libido, and control estrogen. What makes TEST so great? Well, for starters its brutally strong. Potentially the strongest ‘testosterone booster’ supplement on the legal market. TEST achieves this praise mainly because there were no short-cuts taken in its formulation. Here is a look under the hood. D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is an amino acid regulator of testosterone production. Research has shown with the occurrence of D-Aspartic Acid in rat neuroendocrine tissue there is a considerable effect on modulation of Luteinizing Hormone (LH)1. LH also called Interstitial Cell-Stimulating Hormone (ICSH) is the hormone responsible for stimulating Leydig cells which are the cell that produce testosterone. Normal testosterone boosters have anywhere from 500mg – 2,800mg of DAA. TEST on the other hand contains 3,120mg of DAA. Power you can feel.


TEST doesn’t stop with its massive DAA dose, it also contains Boron. You may be thinking, “Boron? Really?” well, yes. Yes indeed. Boron boosts free testosterone. In one study male subjects reported an average increase in free testosterone levels of 28.3%2 and this wasn’t the only study that has shown this type of statistically significant trend.

Estrogen control: A hallmark of a good testosterone booster is being comprehensive. You need to use ingredients that are potentials for combatting the increase in estrogen. 3,3’-Diindolymethane is second to none on the market. In a limited phase I clinical trial, 3,3’-Diindolymethane (DIM) was shown to potentially serve as an antiestrogenic dietary supplement as estrogen levels had decreased in thyroid samples after 14 days of supplementation3.

TEST goes further than just testosterone and estrogen. TEST also may help promote a stronger libido.Tribulus Terrestris does not increase testosterone but does however have a potent impact on increasing libido4,5,6 and wellbeing. It also has been hypothesized as an adaptogen which means it helps to protect against oxidative stress.

If you have ever tried Trib as a standalone you probably know hard well the effects it has. To add to this effect is the addition to a less mainstream yet potentially more powerful compound in the realm of aphrodisiacs and ‘bedroom aids’ is Cholorophytum Borivilanium. This compound actually has a fairly significant amount of research surrounding it from stress, sleep, lipoproteins, artherogenesis etc. It was also investigated for its potential in inhibition of Rho-Kinase II which promotes stronger erections. Rho-Kinase’s abbreviated name is ROCK which we appreciate in its relation to the subject.

Many testosterone boosters on the market are not well rounded and focus too much on wellbeing and libido while neglecting controlling estrogen. Not Test. Test is all you need at a hefty 6 pill dosage. No skimping here, you’re getting the best. Embrace the power of TEST.


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