A1 Select Badge of Approval

Introducing the A1 Select Badge of Approval

After 25 years of buying, selling, researching and using sports, health and lifestyle supplements, we thought it was time to put that expertise to work, so we are introducing our A1 Select Badge of Approval! 

Only products that are sold on our site and have met stringent standards will be awarded the Badge.  These products will be highlighted on the site, and some may carry the Badge on their label.  Our blend of qualitative, quantitative and personal use criteria will allow you to feel more informed and confident in the products carrying the Badge.

So what is the it that A1 Supplements is looking for in a product to allow for the A1 Select designation?  

  • The product meets/exceeds A1 Supplements stringent manufacturing standards

  • Ingredients and dosages in the product can be trusted as accurate and safe

  • Highest quality ingredients from the best sources are utilized in the product

  • Innovative products/formulas that provide maximum results

  • Products that our staff have tried and verified for “real world” effectiveness


Drilling down even deeper on the standards we are looking for from a manufacturing standpoint, the products need to be: 

  • Manufactured at a cGMP certified facility

  • Manufactured at an FDA registered facility

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Have a Certificate of Analysis to support the ingredients and final product

Currently our A1 Select Badge program is in a “pilot” phase as you will only find the badge on A1 Supplements proprietary brands - Ayone Nutrition and A1 Classic Sports Nutrition items.  We are looking forward to partnering with our vendor partners in the near future on this exciting program.

Knowledge is power and our A1 Select Badge allows you to be as powerful as you can be when it comes to shopping at A1 Supplements!