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Top 5 Reasons to Elevate Your Testosterone Levels

Top 5 Reasons to Elevate Your Testosterone Levels

Posted by Rahul Web on

#1. Testosterone Helps Improve Mood and May Help with Depression

No matter how mentally tough you think you are we all go through highs and lows throughout the day. Many men fail to consider their hormone levels for the leading cause for this struggle. If your mood seems to change for no apparent reason, elevating your testosterone can often times be the missing link to feeling better. Research is now confirming the link between Low T and depression. Before you jump on anxiety meds, get your hormones tested for optimal testosterone levels. It is often said that improving testosterone can give a person a heightened sense of well-being. This can lead to an improvement in your day-to-day activities for not only you, but for the people you surround yourself with.

#2. Testosterone Decreases Body Fat & Increases Muscle Mass 

For most guys reading this, your goal for increasing testosterone levels is to lower your body fat and increase your muscle mass. This happens because test plays an imperative role in regulating your insulin, blood glucose, and fat metabolism. There is a distinct correlation between low test levels and people with slow metabolisms and fat accumulation. Men with low testosterone levels almost always have high estrogen levels, which result in an excess amount of stored fat in the body. A quick fix to getting your body fat back in line is to reverse the ratios. Young men are naturally leaner than older men for this reason alone. Raise your testosterone and lower your estrogen to lose the body fat.

And if you need mass, testosterone works by its incredible ability to increase protein synthesis. Your body’s ability to process protein and build new muscle mass is all related to having optimal testosterone levels. This is why guys in their teens and 20’s build muscle a lot faster than guys in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. And if it’s strength you’re in need of, then testosterone can help in that area as well. Elevate your test levels, combined with a well-rounded strength training program and watch your body grow.

#3. Testosterone Helps with Cardiovascular Health

Once upon a time, back when testosterone was a scary hormone, the ill-informed were told it would lead to a certain heart attack. But as in most cases, that story is only halfway informed. Testosterone, by itself, actually helps to improve your heart health and not the opposite. As we know, diet and exercise plays a critical role in whether you have a well-functioning cardiovascular system or if you do not.

As previously mentioned, without optimal testosterone levels it is next to impossible to achieve a lean physique; one less likely to run into heart problems down the line. Testosterone itself won’t help improve the way your heart functions, however, your ability to stay lean, feel great, and train hard all impact your heart. Those who hold excess body fat, train poorly (or not at all) and have a lousy disposition are at a much greater risk for heart disease than those who are not.

#4. Testosterone Strengthens Bones and Boners

As many women already know, as we age our bone-density decreases. Men are also susceptible to bone degeneration with age, however, with optimal testosterone levels this can be almost completely kept under control. Have you ever heard of an elderly man breaking a hip? Low test levels are almost always the cause for this to happen. Osteoporosis (brittle bones) and a lack of muscle mass to support them is a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Part of staying healthy as you age into the back 9 of your life is to make your hormone health a priority.

Another age-related problem with low testosterone is a poor libido and erectile dysfunction. One of the first signs of low testosterone can be identified in the bedroom. You can greatly improve your interest in sex and your performance with an optimal dosage of test. Stop letting your partner and your little buddy down in the sack. Everyone will thank you in the end.

#5. Testosterone Increases Competitiveness and Desire to Win

 For decades, the best athletes in the world have been tapping into testosterone for heightened performance not just for the added strength, power, and size, but for the competitive-edge that increased testosterone can do for a person. The burning desire to win can be greatly attributed to optimal testosterone levels. Adrenaline can only take you so far in a competition, but the ability to be primed for your event is what can make the difference between 1st place or 5th.  Many studies have even been done that show men with optimal test levels are bigger risk takers. Alpha-males have dominated social, business, and sporting events for centuries. Winners have a healthy level of testosterone in their system and so should you.

If for some reason you can’t get a script for testosterone from your doctor and you have decided you want to optimize your testosterone levels, take a hard look at Boom Stick from Redcon1. Boom Stick can naturally elevate your own body’s ability to produce testosterone. All of the incredible benefits have been outlined above. What are you waiting for? Pick up a bottle today!




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