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SNS Agmatine XT Bottle
SNS Agmatine XT - A1 Supplements Store
SNS Agmatine XT Bottle
SNS Agmatine XT - A1 Supplements Store


SNS Agmatine XT

SNS Agmatine XT

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SNS Agmatine XT - Keep Muscles Full & Pumped Around The Clock! Perform Better, Look Better, Feel Better! Promotes Nitric Oxide Production! 500 mg Of Agamatine Per Serving!

Keep Muscles Full & Pumped Around The Clock!

SNS Agmatine XT is a truly versatile supplement, with users reporting improved endurance, improved recovery, enhanced performance, dramatic and long lasting pumps, and improved overall body composition including increased lean muscle and decreased body-fat.

SNS Agmatine XT contains 500 mg. of Agmatine per capsule. Agmatine is a byproduct of the amino acid arginine, but goes well beyond arginine in terms of benefits. Agmatine works through stimulating the release of pituitary hormones, including Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and natural growth hormone (GH). Agmatine has a variety of benefits, and can be beneficial and desirable for athletes and bodybuilders as well as fitness enthusiasts and people in search of a healthier lifestyle as they age. Agmatine also stimulates the release of Nitric Oxide by acting on Nitric Oxide Synthases.

Agmatine is Commonly Used For:

•Dramatic & Long Lasting ‘Pumps’!
•Improved Recovery!
•Improved Endurance!
•Improved Performance!
•Improved Body Composition Including Increased Lean Muscle & Decreased Body-Fat!

Summary of Benefits:

•Increased Nitric Oxide Syntheses!
•Inhibit NO Synthase (the enzyme responsible for NO breakdown)!
•Stimulation of L.H. (Luteinizing Hormone) & G.H. (natural growth hormone) Levels!
•Promote a Healthy & Positive Mood (Anti-Anxiety & Antidepressant Properties)!
•Promote Nutrient Delivery to Muscle Cells!
•Supports Overall Muscle Building Environment!
•Enhanced Insulin Response!
•Neuroprotective Support!
•Cardiovascular Health!
•Antioxidant Role!

Agmatine, Arginine & the Nitric Oxide Category of Sports Nutrition:

Arginine and its various forms have long been popular supplements in the realm of sports nutrition. A number of years back, the category of Nitric Oxide supplements was born with Arginine AKG, and several subsequent forms of Arginine followed including Arginine Ethyl Ester and DiArginine Malate.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t bashing Arginine in its various forms. For years now, Arginine products have served as the backbone to the Nitric Oxide family of supplements. They were good enough to create & sustain a category of sports supplementation all to itself. We are just saying that Agmatine goes beyond arginine in many ways, and can even be taken along with other Arginine based products.

See, the Arginine forms were good enough to create a category of sports supplementation all to itself. Now, Agmatine helps take it not one, but several steps further.

Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Increase & Increased Pumps:

While it is debatable from a performance perspective whether a pre-workout increase in nitric oxide or increased pumps are beneficial, many individuals thrive off of achieving a better pump in the gym, and also appearing more pumped and vascular outside the gym.

Agmatine not only delivers in terms of improved pumps, but most users also report that the pumps achieved with Agmatine are more sustained and long lasting than with many other ‘Old School’ N.O. products.

And, while the performance effects of improved pre-workout N.O. levels may remain debatable from a performance perspective, Agmatine has much more to offer than just this one benefit. As a matter of fact, you could almost consider walking around with full, hard, pumped muscles simply a nice side effect of Agmatine supplementation when compared to some of its other benefits.

Examining the Benefits of Agmatine Point by Point:

•Increased Pumps – As discussed above, enhanced pumps and pre-workout N.O. levels may not be as beneficial from a performance perspective as some of us were lead to believe in the past, but they are a definite contributor to an overall good looking muscular physique. And, let’s face it, most people love the feel of that intense pump when they work out. And with Agmatine, most experience longer lasting pumps than with many other ‘Old School’ N.O. products.

•Antioxidant Role – In today’s society, the way we eat, the air we breathe, it can all take its toll on our bodies. And as if the day to day stresses of normal life aren’t bad enough, the day to day life of bodybuilders or athletes can be even more taxing and lead to even more free radical buildup than with the average person. Agmatine’s antioxidant properties are a very nice extra benefit to a compound that already has so much to offer.

•Improved Insulin Response – Agmatine may help improve insulin response through enhanced insulin production, which can lead to positive benefits for those looking to improve body composition. Improved insulin response is thought of in bodybuilding circles as a key to a leaner, harder, more muscular body.

•Focus Effect – Agmatine may help those looking to achieve a mental edge, whether it is in the gym or in day to day life. It can also help support a healthy mood and has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Agmatine may stack very well with other Focus, including Focus XT.

•Stimulation of LH & GH Levels - In addition to the obvious appealing effect on overall body composition, the stimulation of GH and LH levels can also be beneficial for helping maintain a healthy lifestyle as we age. This stimulation of pituitary hormones may also lead to stimulation of other hormones such as IGF-1.

•Neuroprotective Role – Agmatine plays a Neuroprotective role due to its role as an antioxidant and its prevention of over excitation by glutamate.

•Cardiovascular Benefits – Agmatine has a potential hypotensive benefit that may help aid in cardiovascular health. This hypotensive role is important in a healthy lifestyle for obvious reasons, but may also be found to be beneficial for bodybuilders or athletes that use stimulants or hormone based compounds that may cause elevations.

SNS Agmatine XT can be stacked with SNS Focus XT, X-Gels, Growth Factor XT, GlycoPhase, or a variety of other SNS products for improved, synergistic results.

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SNS Agmatine XT Bottle
SNS Agmatine XT
From $19.95