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Rise Performance Test - This Is Brutality! Increases Muscle Growth! Fully Loaded & Fully Transparent Natural Test Booster!
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30 Servings, KG Power, Increases Muscle Growth!



Fully Loaded and Fully Transparent. There are no compromises. No shortcuts. TEST is the real deal. A massive 6 capsule dose, this is a natural test booster you feel. TEST is designed to naturally help jack up natural testosterone levels with a heavy dose of DAA with Boron, D3, Zinc, etc. while using compounds such as 3,3'-Diindolylmethane to help prevent a build up of estrogen.


TEST was constructed as being completely comprehensive and having a number of additional benefits. One of which is the potential for a dramatic increase in  compounds such as Cholorophylum and Tribulus. Additionally, Calcium D-Glucarate is to help in the metabolism of hormones and the clearance of toxins.


This product is not your normal natural test booster and should be treated as such. Do not use it for more than 8 consecutive weeks without an 8 week break.



Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    DAA needs to be a part of any test boosting cycle and this formula along with other ingredients is a good one. This is best stacked with another test boosting product so the full spectrum is covered. Currently I'm stacking with EPG Epilean Shred and with M-Test and getting good results. Will use this product with a different stack next time to compare results
  2. Quality
    works great
    been taking it for about a month now in conjunction with a new 3 day split and transitioning from keto to a more balanced diet. I have never been able to eat carbs without putting on extra fat but I finally can with TEST. my weight has stayed about the same but I am getting much more dense muscle and I'm losing the fat off my belly and chest, overall mood and drive is much better. definitely going to take this again
  3. Quality
    Thought there woudl be something, but there was nothing - very disappointed
    I bought 2 bottles on a BOGO offer. So far I have gone through 1.5 bottles and cannot report and noticeable benefits. I had high hopes based on the literature from the company. So, I took is as directed, hit the gym 5 days a week tried to lift heavy and go strong, but I did not notice any boost from this product. My expectations were not met and I was very disappointed in the lack of results.
  4. Quality
    Rise Test Booster
    Pretty solid test booster. I've been running it for 2 weeks so far and have started noticing a bit more aggression in the gym as well as a slight bump to the libido. As far as natural test boosters go this is definitely pretty spot on. I picked it up when it was BOGO so I'm interested to see the results of running it for 2 straight months.
  5. Quality
    Does what you’re looking for
    It did exactly what I would expect from a test booster. My endurance was a bit better in the gym as well as recovery. I was able to increase my strength as well as lean out a bit around the stomach and lower back. Vascularity also improved, most likely from being slightly leaner. Overall loved it.
  6. Quality
    Did not feel anything from this product. Very disappointing
  7. Quality
    Been depressed lately been down n my friend has been out action. Not really exercising
    Decided to try this

    So far I'm doing well accidentally got wood in the store which was a great sign ... feeling better. Thanks Rise supps
  8. Quality
    Test Anabolic Surge
    It's been years since I felt like myself I don't know how many different supplements I've tried but this one my goodness it's the best I felt the difference in everything the second day of taking it if you haven't bought some yet go get it!!!

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