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Vigor Labs Ball Refill

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Vigor Labs Ball Refill - The First Extreme Semen Volumizer! Boost Sex Drive & Desire, Potent Formula For More Satisfying Sex!

The First Extreme Semen Volumizer!

  • Fill them up before or refill after sex!
  • Shoot further with more spurts
  • Boost sex drive and desire
  • Potent formula for more satisfying sex
  • Better feeling orgasms and sex
  • Great with Chainsaw
  • Part of the "Sexual Massacre Stack"
  • 30 Tasteless capsules - Dietary Supplement
  • Potent formula with expensive, rare ingredients
  • Get results you can feel
  • Made in a cGMP lab in the USA
  • Fill 'em up!

Vigor Labs offers the most extreme sexual health supplements providing mind blowing, heart pounding, body rocking orgasms for men. The best part about sex for a man is unleashing his reserve onto his lover. Ball Refill allows you to increase the amount of volume you have to spray by as much as 600% and shortens the recovery time to do it all over again.

Get those balls filled before sex to overflowing and refill them after quickly for another go. This is the first PRE and POST sexual health product putting it into a category all of its own. Reading about this product is not going to do it justice. Imagine the best orgasm you ever had, after lets say two weeks of abstaining from any erotic enjoyment, felt pretty good right. Now imagine having that same feeling and that level of volume every time you release.

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  1. Quality
    Ball Refill + Chainsaw = OMFG!
    I'm wondering how this stuff isn't regulated. It actually feels like taking the Viagra. I'm 44 years old and I've tried several supplements over the years and nothing actually does anything or makes me feel any different. The first day I tried Ball Refill and Chainsaw, I actually got worried. I felt flush, it gave me a mild headache and my ears were ringing a bit. It was worth it though because my cock hasn't been so fat and hard in a long time. Sex with my wife was freaking AWESOME that night. She kept saying how hard I was and we had to slow down after a few minutes because she was complaining that her pussy was sore. In the end, I blew the most amazing nut EVER. I've been using both for a couple of weeks now. I just have to be careful about when I take them because they can keep my up and restless at night but I am for sure a super happy customer.
  2. Quality
    Gotta take with food
    I’m writing this review right now with awful and I mean awful stomach cramps and chills. I feel like I have the flu and I would think that I do. But the review before this explains what I’m feeling and I did take these pills without any food in my stomach. I’m going to keep using it to see if it actually does work, but definitely with a full stomach this time.
  3. Quality
    Take with food!
    I have tried a lot of Yohimbe products over the years and while some of them work effectively and getting super rigid, they come with nasty side effects that pretty much feel like you are getting the flu. Achy joints, Cold clammy sweats, irritability, etc. I also think most Yohimbe products could be about 95% weaker than they are because of that. I read several reviews on this and there was enough good feedback i thought id try it. The first i took was on an empty stomach (mistake). Had me off all evening, so i took with food the next time. It was much less harsh while still getting me swole downstairs. I am only a few days in and i can tell that this stuff is legit. Ready to salute at will all day. Hopefully as i continue the side effects get a little more mild, but with food it is enough that i will keep taking. Good wood for sure.
  4. Quality
    Balls refill
    Excellent product
  5. Quality
    Works as advertised
    I definitely shoot more, both in volume and contractions.
    Helps recovery pretty well too.
    Try it if you want to drown a girl they seem to love it...
  6. Quality
    Great product, my loads have increased. My junk has also increased in size, I don't know if this is because of the supplement. Highly recommend, will try with the Chainsaw.
  7. Quality
    Soooo good
    Feels good is good looks good. I take this daily just for fun and it works.
  8. Quality
    Big pop
    I see a lot of reviews for this one but I thought I would just say that I liked Ball Refill a lot. I got a big pop out of it almost every time I use it. Helps you with recovery too.
  9. Quality
    Best with Chainsaw
    if you dont need the hardness you can just go with the Ball Filler it gives the best feeling you can get. I save a few dollars with the combo though its awesome. I dont even need the Chainsaw its just for insurance purposes only.
  10. Quality
    It really does what it says
    Took it for awhile and I'm definitely increasing in volume per orgasm, getting erect faster, and when I shoot its feels more intense and noticeably more spurts. My wife noticed and commented on it and I just smiled lol.

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