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SWFT Stims Vaso6

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Vaso6 - The “Pump” Has Always Been A Critical Element In Weight Lifting Where The Body Uses Nitric Oxide To Promote Vasodilation Which Results In More Nutrients Being Driven Into The Muscles!

VASO6 - Advancing Nitric Oxide!

The “Pump” has always been a critical element in weight lifting where the body uses nitric oxide to promote vasodilation which results in more nutrients being driven into the muscles. This helps most notably in two regards, first being the allowance of more oxygen to be delivered into the muscles when they are under stress and second, a greater abundance of nutrients flooding into the muscles during recovery between sets and after working out.


VASO6 is a patented ingredient made by the industry leading firm Compound Solutions which is responsible for such hits as TeaCrine and Dynamine. 



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  1. Quality
    Crazy Pump
    Gives crazy pumps and vascularity! I take it before every workout with my pre. Gets the blood flowing!
  2. Quality
    Add on only
    If I continue to use this it would be an add on to a pre-workout. Specifically a non pump formula pre-workout.....and I usually take 2-3 caps instead of just 1. I don't feel there is enough per capsule to be effective at 1 capsule per serving.

    If you want a pump I would go with a non stim based pump formula pre-workout. The stims in most pre-workouts effectively negate the pump effects. I would go with Nova Pump or Mega Pre.
  3. Quality
    Great pump
    Took one serving with preworkout and had the best pump ever. Can’t wait to increase the serving.
  4. Quality
    Great pump, feeling very vascular
  5. Quality
    Top Shelf- different doses for different body types
    I’m 5’7” 120lbs and 300 mgs gives me tremendous pumps and endurance. I tried 600mgs just for the sake of experimentation but I got so pumped up it took away from my long endurance cardio I had planned that day. 300mgs is perfect for me, however my husband at 6’2” 220lbs prefers 600mgs and will sometimes stack with preworkouts that already have VASO6 in it and dose out at 900mgs. He won’t workout without it coursing through his veins. 600mg minimum for him. Amazing product!! Twice daily.
  6. Quality
    Vaso6, the best pump ever + cardio health
    This Vaso6 product by SWFT Stims is top of the line. I've used Vaso6 in the past, and love the results that I achieve from it. The pump is unmatched, which means that the work you put in during your workouts is going to be more effective. In addition, the increased blood flow makes nutrient delivery more efficient, which means your body is going to get the nutrients that it needs to grow, recover, and perform. Finally, Vaso6 in capsule form is extremely convenient. This is a product that should be taken daily, for heart and cardio respiratory health, so the pills makes this easy vs it being in a preworkout supplement. I would 10/10 recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
  7. Quality
    As the comment below so eloquently stated, great for pumps and for extremity blood flow. I purchased it for the pump (and got a great pump) but also found some additional benefits in the bedroom. Stocking up on this one
  8. Quality
    complete waste of money
    I cannot tell ANYTHING from taking even two of these at the same time. Complete waste. This company is a joke.
  9. Quality
    Great pump from this, really gives you that full muscle body look!
  10. Quality
    VASO SWFT Pump
    Great pump product on its own! Don't add to pre workout as it gets lost. Your girlfriend or wife will thank you if you pop one of these red pills on date nite! It pumps everything up!

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