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SAN Titanium Beef Supreme

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High Octane Hydrolyzed BEEF Peptide!

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High Octane Hydrolyzed BEEF Peptide!

Because BEEF Is How the Big Boys Pack on Slabs of Brutally Strong Muscle

There’s a fight going on in your body right now. It’s a fight for new muscle. Win the fight and you get respect, you develop raw power and you get built. Losing is not on the agenda. Winners feast and losers… well… buzzard food.

Top-ranked strength athletes have always feasted heartily on Lean Beef protein. It’s been the mainstay at every training table since the beginning of time! Anyone who’s ever wanted to excel as an athlete or pack on pounds of granite-hard mass while getting lean, has turned to beef to get the job done. Beef also helps build record-crushing strength. Time changes, facts remain.

Recent studies have discovered the power behind beef and how it affects the human body as a high octane muscle builder with anabolic properties. They found… muscle repair and growth jumped in beef eaters. Lean meat was found to "significantly improve the rate of muscle protein synthesis following exercise."

Beef protein contains essential amino acids in proportions similar to those found in human muscle tissue. For older guys, beef based amino acids appear to counteract age-related muscle breakdown and spur muscle growth. Younger guys pack on more muscle from improved protein synthesis.

  • Support more muscle building
  • Record crushing strength gains
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Stop muscle wasting
  • Improved recovery, growth and repair

SAN Researchers Have Jumped On These Studies To Help You Get Packed...

It’s one thing to quote the studies, but that doesn’t win the fight. You’ve got to come out charging like a bull and you’ve got to hit your target. That’s what SAN did… to get the power of beef into your muscles the quickest way possible with TITANIUM BEEF SUPREME.

TITANIUM BEEF SUPREME is derived from an infusion process of beef that provides critical nutrients, peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals… through our proprietary hydrolysis and ultra filtration process, you can "split" the protein down and increase the number of fragments associated with the higher concentration of protein!

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