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Primeval Labs Primalog

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Primeval Labs Primalog - Glucose Disposal Agent! Reduces Appetite, Improve Blood Sugar Levels, Enhance Body Composition And Support Muscle Growth!

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Reduces Appetite! Improve Blood Sugar Levels! Enhance Body Composition! Support Muscle Growth!

Spend enough time reading internet blogs and news headlines, and you’ll quickly come to realize carbohydrates are bad. These demonic little nutrients are nothing but fat gaining morsels masquerading in a tasty outer shell of salt and sugar.

There was a time when carbs were embraced, and in some cases, the breakfast of champions, but sadly this is no longer the case. The low carb / keto diet has taken over, and carbs are on the outs….until now that is thanks to Primeval labs Primalog.

What is Primalog?

Primalog is a premium-grade glucose disposal agent (GDA) and nutrient partitioner that helps the body more effectively use carbohydrates in support of muscle growth and recovery. We’ve developed a robust formula featuring novel glucose-shuttling ingredients like Gymnema Sylvestre, Berberine, and Cyanidin-3-Glucoside.

Primalog Ingredients

Gymnema Sylvestre (1g)
Native to southeast Asia, Gymnema Sylvestre is an antidiabetic herb documented by research to improve insulin function, which supports greater carbohydate utilization and storage. This herb has also been noted to help lower leptin levels, plasma glucose, body weight and even BMI.

Agmatine Sulfate (750mg)
Agmatine is frequently used in pre workouts to support nitric oxide production, but it’s also a useful nutrient partitioning supplement too!

Agmatine activates imidazoline receptors, which helps lower blood sugar levels and increases beta-endorphins. This leads to improved glucose uptake into skeletal muscle.

Agmatine also supports better insulin response, enhancing glucose transportation into muscles.

Bitter Melon 4:1 Extract (500mg)
Also known as Momordica Charantia, bitter melon is a bitter-tasting vegetable traditionally used to treat a variety of diseases including respiratory complications and diabetes. The veggie is rich in charantin, vicine, and an insulin-like compound called polypeptide-p.

Studies show the compounds inside bitter melon help reduce blood glucose levels and suggest it may be as effective as certain prescription-grade antidiabetic medication.

Bitter melon has also been noted to help reduce inflammation in adipose tissue and enhance glucose uptake and utilization.

Banaba Leaf Powder (300mg)
Banaba, a.k.a. Lagerstroemia, is rich corosolic acid, a compound believed to activate GLUT4 translocation, thereby increasing insulin activity. In case you weren’t aware, a faulty GLUT4 gene has been shown to cause insulin resistance in skeletal muscle, and lead to diabetes.

Corosolic acid also aids glycolysis and reduces gluconeogenesis, and may even support weight loss too.

Berberine (300mg)
Berberine has been documented to exert anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic properties. More specifically, it has been shown to activate AMPK which enhances glucose uptake into skeletal muscle.

It’s also been noted to support energy production, reduce fat storage, and heighten insulin sensitivity. Perhaps most interesting, berberine has been documented to stimulate glucose uptake into muscle cells in the midst of insulin resistance.

Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (250mg)
C3G is an anthocyanidin found in dark-colored fruits shown in research to increase glucose uptake by enhancing GLUT4 expression translocation. It also boosts PPAR? activity, making it an insulin-mimetic of sorts.

If you didn’t know, increased PPAR? activity increases insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels and improve glucose usage by muscle cells.

Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg)
Na-R-ALA is bioavailable form of a Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), a naturally-occurring fatty acid essential to energy metabolism. Research on ALA has shown it aids appetite suppression, energy expenditure, and glucose disposal. Binding ALA to a sodium salt also makes the compound more heat stable than other forms of ALA.

Chromium (300mcg)
Primalog contains 300mcg of chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate as opposed to the more frequently used chromium picolinate. This form of chromium has been shown in research to be better absorbed and retained by the body, which is incredibly important due to the fact that chromium plays a critical role in insulin metabolism in the body.

Without sufficient chromium, glucose disposal is compromised, which increases the risk of storing carbohydrates as fat instead of using them for fuel in skeletal muscle tissue.

Consume 7 capsules 15-20 minutes prior to your pre-training meal containing at least 50g carbohydrates. You may also consume 1 serving before your heaviest carb-containing meal of the day too.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    It work as it should ,thx a1supplements for provide it for me 1+1,
    You dont have to take 7 capsules at 1 time you can split it for 2 or 3 meals ,good luck for everyone ¥
  2. Quality
    Primalog is the best gda
    This shxx works. I believe everyone should use it for there cheat meals. Especially during cutting. It also gave good pumps for the gym.
  3. Quality
    Love it!
    Great for high carb meals or refeed meals! Makes me feel full longer and the pumps are great. Highly recommend this product.
  4. Quality
    Incredible Results!!
    I’ve been really impressed with the results. I feel incredible pumps and have been leaning out significantly since taking this. Great price too!
  5. Quality
    Did What It Said It Would Do
    This is an outstanding product, first off of all the supplements out their not too many really live up to their hype for me. However, when taking Primalog I actually noticed a discernible difference. I felt a thermogenic effect and increased energy as it aided in assimilation of the carbs. No GDA that I have taken thus far has even come close to the results I have seen with Primalog.
  6. Quality
    My go to for either in a bulking or cutting phase!! Love this product! Don’t get all bloated and nasty when having a large carb meal or a cheat.
  7. Quality
    Can’t go wrong
    Used this both while in a cut and bulk. Worked well for both. Can’t go wrong for either, rigt now in a cut and its working very well. I take 7 capsules 15 minutes before my pre workout meal, usually 80g of old fashioned oats and a protein shake. Shuttles all the carbs to my muscles and gives me killer pumps. Primeval Labs always delivers. If you’re on the fence I’d say pull the trigger and just get this product.
  8. Quality
    Keeps off lbs and gives pumps
    I've been using this for about 2 weeks, now. I don't "carb up" before a workout, instead having balanced meals (protein-focused) throughout the day. I'll take 2 around lunch, and 3-4 between dinner and evening workout. I've noticed nice gains in my arms, with good pumps during my session.
  9. Quality
    Top notch
    Love this GDA. Use during workout and realky helps w getting nasty pumps and breaking down carbs. Always in my arsenal.
  10. Quality
    First time GDA
    This is my first GDA purchase and after some research I decided to buy considering the impressive list of ingredients and dosages . So far this product helps with pumps and only time will tell if this is a real game changer , but great results so far !

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