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Primeval Labs Prim-ATP

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Primeval Labs Prim-ATP - Pre-Workout Power Formula! Enhances Lean Muscle Mass & Reduces Onset Fatigue! Enhances ATP Production, Improves Hydration While Boosting Focus!
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Pre-Workout Power Formula!

Do you struggle with performance?

Find it difficult to concentrate or stay focused?

Are you plagued by the early onset of fatigue?

Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy?


If you answered yes to these questions, then we have the solution for you!


And no, this isn’t a late night advertisement for some natural testosterone booster, though we can see the similarities. We’re here to talk about a much bigger problem than your piddly sex drive. We’re here to address a more severe problem -- the source of all your poor performance… the gym, that is.


Those feelings of inadequacy brought on by poor performance and even worse stamina is caused by a severe lack of energy production. To further complicate the matter, we’re not talking about the kind of “low energy” that’s solved with a few scoops of pre workout. No, this energy crisis goes all the way down to the cellular level of your body. The cause of your low energy, lackluster performance, and stunted stamina is poor ATP production.


ATP is the “cellular currency” every cell in your body (including your muscle cells) use to perform their numerous functions. Going “in the red” with ATP translates to you sucking wind on the floor of the gym and everyone else (including your girlfriend) mocking you.


Lucky for you, we’ve come up with the ultimate ATP enhancing, performance-boosting pre workout supplement in Prim ATP!


What’s Prim ATP?


Prim ATP is a natural energy and performance enhancing pre workout that ramps up your body’s ability to regenerate ATP rapidly for increased power, strength, and stamina. Say goodbye to coming up short in your workouts, and prepare yourself to get bigger and stronger all while lasting longer!


Prim ATP Benefits


Enhances ATP production

Supports lean mass gains

Increases aerobic

Anaerobic exercise performance

Improves power & strength

Prolongs endurance

Reduces fatigue

Enhances cellular hydration


Prim ATP Ingredients


Creatine Anhydrous (5g)


In this day and age, creatine hardly needs an explanation. Quite simply, it’s the most thoroughly studied, proven effective supplement ever. Period. End of story.


Enhances ATP Production


Creatine first and foremost increases your body's stores of phosphocreatine, which is used to generate new ATP during high-intensity exercise. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is your cells’ most basic form of energy, and it plays an essential role in metabolism and muscle function. The problem is, your muscles only store enough ATP for roughly 8-10 seconds of high-intensity exercise. After this, your muscles have to quickly generate new ATP in order to keep up with the demands of training.


But, the body can’t quite produce enough ATP per second to keep up with the energy demands of maximum intensity training. This is part of the reason you can’t go all out 100% the entire hour that you’re training. However, the extra creatine in your muscles can be used for ATP production, delaying fatigue and helping you last that much longer in your workouts, leading to new feats of strength, power, and performance.


Improves Hydration


Creatine also benefits performance thanks to its functions as an osmolyte in the body. Osmolytes are compounds that compounds that help maintain cell volume and fluid balance. Creatine, and other osmolytes such as betaine, encourage your muscle cells to soak up extra water, enhancing cellular hydration, which confer a number of benefits including:


Muscle growth

Better performance

Reduced fatigue

Muscle fullness“Water-based” pumps

Increased stamina


We’re still not done with the performance-enhancing benefits of creatine, it also…


Boosts Focus & Concentration


Creatine isn’t just stored in your muscles, it’s also stored in your brain too! Studies have shown that creatine supplementation can enhance working memory as well as intelligence. Plus it can also boost mental performance following sleep deprivation, which comes in handy for the early morning training sessions following a late night out.


Creatine is truly awesome, and easily qualifies as the best pre workout supplement of all time, and Prim ATP has gone with the best form of creatine in creatine anhydrous.


Why creatine anhydrous?


Simply put, there isn’t a better bang for your buck for of creatine than creatine anhydrous. All other forms of creatine, even the beloved creatine monohydrate, do not deliver 100% pure creatine. Every other form of creatine is bonded to another molecule (water, hydrochloric acid, etc.) which means that 3-5 gram dose you’re getting isn't’ really delivering 100% creatine. The reality is, with those other forms, you’re only getting 70-90% creatine.


That’s not the case with creatine anhydrous. Anhydrous means without water. As such, when taking creatine anhydrous, you’re getting 100% creatine. Not 3.5g, not 4.25g, not 4.9g. Prim ATP delivers a full 5 grams of pure creatine to support natural energy production and power performance, but, Prim ATP is much more than a simple, straightforward creatine supplement. Prim ATP also includes a new up and coming supplement that also enhances ATP production and deserves a place in any of the best pre workouts supplements on the market.


That ingredient is...


ElevATP (150mg)


One of the newest breakthroughs in supplementation from ingredient pioneers, FutureCeuticals is elevATP. A proprietary combination of ancient peat and apple extracts, elevATP has been shown to enhance ATP production and release in the body! For decades, the supplement industry has searched high and low for an orally bioavailable form of ATP, with no success. Essentially, until elevATP arrived on the scene, all exogenous forms of ATP were ineffective, due to poor bioavailability in the body. That’s not the case with elevATP. Not only does it directly boost blood levels of ATP, it may also improve muscle pumps!


How so?


Well, ATP (as well as it’s derivative adenosine) has been shown to induce vasodilation following release from the erythrocytes (red blood cells) via production of nitric oxide. (Nyberg et al. Recent research has also shown that exogenous ATP (such as elevATP) may enhance exercise-induced blood flow, which improves nutrient delivery.


The end results is better performance, greater stamina, and better muscle pumps during your workout!

The benefits of elevATP extend beyond pumps too, though those are always a nice fringe benefit!


The latest research on this revolutionary pre workout supplement shows it yields significant gains in strength, power, and performance in resistance-trained men. More specifically, elevATP increased 1-rep maximum squat and deadlift scores as well as vertical jump peak velocity and vertical jump peak power.


As if that wasn’t enough, elevATP also prevented performance decline (i.e. “overtraining”) that can occur as a result of increased training volume and overreaching. Combined with 5g of creatine anhydrous, Prim ATP delivers everything you need for optimal ATP production and superior performance in your training sessions.




Training Days: Consume one serving along with your pre workout, 15-20 minutes prior to training.


Non-training days: Consume one serving anytime of day.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Prim ATP
    Absolutely best product! Flavors are amazing tastes exactly what there named and the results are out of this world! Been taking this product for awhile now everyday with my pre workout and my strength/energy has increased by far! This will forever be a daily staple in my workout regimen! It's a definite must have for any bodybuilder/athlete!!
  2. Quality
    great product
    works fast.
  3. Quality
    Prim ATP
    Awesome supplement. I’ve been buying it every month, thee best supplement for increasing strength or maintaining heavy sets with adequate rest.. can clump, just keep shaking the shaker and have that great workout!! Must have supplement for any serious lifter..
  4. Quality
    PL Atp
    Must have when cutting and trying to keep strength.
  5. Quality
    Great to add with the preworkout you’re already taking. Only downside of the bottles I got is that it doesn’t mix and breakdown well. Not sure how everyone else’s did but mine got clumpy almost immediately when put in water.
  6. Quality
    Stim-free preworkout
    Pretty good product for the price, decent pump; I like that it doesn't have caffeine, and it tastes good, not great, but good. I stack it with other preworkouts.
  7. Quality
    Overall was satisfied. But it does clump up unless you use a blender
  8. Quality
    Doesn't mix well, but seems to work. I will buy again.
  9. Quality
    This stuff has really proven to step up my training sessions. I have trained for 16 years, and have tried so many garbage supplements. I truly find every primeval product to stand above the rest. The quality of their ingredient profiles, the taste, the dosages, and not to mention the improvements its given me in regards to performance, recovery, and growth is phenomenal. This stuff requires a blender ball or else it will clump up in the bottom of the shaker, but it mixes well with smash berry ape shit and gorilla pumps. Awesome product

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