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M.D. Science Lab Max Hard

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Scientifically Formulated for Maximum Male Health and Endurance!

Scientifically Formulated for Maximum Male Health and Endurance!

Max Hard is scientifically formulated for:
  • Maximum Male Health
  • Maximum endurance
  • Incredible erections
  • Ultimate staying power
  • Increased excitement

Gets You Hard. Keeps You Hard... Like you've never seen before. The advanced natural formulation of MAXHard is quite possibly the finest and most comprehensive available in the world. works fast to give you incredible erections and ultimate staying power with increased excitement and endurance.
  1. Quality
    Works Great!!
    I’ve used all kinds of different brands of male supplements. As a man in his late 40s I could definitely say this product works well for me. I’ve used many products that do not work at all..... It’ definitely has some of the usual side effects but nothing like some of these reviews. If you have trouble getting fully hard, this product will work! I only have to take one. Not sure if these other guys know but you have to drink lots of water when you take these type of pills or you will feel funny.
  2. Quality
    Didn't work. Chills, nausea, vomiting for hours, up all night. Never again. Should be taken off the market
  3. Quality
    O M G that was comparable to the Covid, if I ever had It.
    Do not take this pill filled with pure misery. It was the worst feeling imaginable. Aches, chills, convulsions, nausea, headache, and NO BONER!! Why the FUQ would anyone consciously take this Dr. Kevorkian suicide pill is ludicrous. You people should be arrested for even charging money for it. On a scale of 1–10, 10 being the most excruciatingly miserable feeling imaginable. This would be a 12. Did I mention my skin felt like it was on fire and frozen at the same time. I think I would rather have the clap than go through that again. Do not take this product. E V E R !!
  4. Quality
    I took 2 pills as directed. I took them 1 hour before sex. Never got to the sex part
    About 1 hour after taking the pills, Ibegan to feel "funny", a queasy stomach. and not in the mood for sex.
    2 hours after taking the pills, my heart was racing and blood pressure was through the roof!
    I had chills and nausea and severe headaches. 36 hours later, I still was feeling the symptoms, albeit greatly diminished. It took 42 hours after taking the pills before I felt normal again. Never even got an erection.
  5. Quality
    I took one last night and didn't get hard. I've been jittery all night and been vomiting for hours
  6. Quality
    Never again!!!
    All the same side effects listed in other one star reviews. Still going through it now. This stuff should seriously be taken off the market. At the very least they need to be ONLY recommended for olympic athletes.
    I think I might have had a stroke/heart attack if I had done the deed and my heart rate was above 120 for 90+minutes and still won't drop below 90bpm and I've just been sitting in one place. I don't know how this stuff ever got released. I saw the "MD science lab tested" thing and thought, now this should be good, but I was clearly wrong. Now please excuse me while I go puke
  7. Quality
    The worst!!!
    Do not take! My husband tried for the first time. Hot flashes, chills, nausea, sever stomach cramps. Its lasted about 2 hrs now. He is miserable. So bad he didn't even get hard. My poor guy.
  8. Quality
    Boyfriend took one pill 1 hour ago. Now hes in bed sick with chills and says his heart is pounding out of his chest
  9. Quality
    Will not take this product again. Felt like I was going to pass out from my heart beating so fast. Thought it was the sex but no it lasted all night along with extreme nausea!
  10. Quality
    Thought I would die
    Wasn't able to sleep at all and my dick was so hard it was painful after a while. Pounding heart all night ,chills then burning up. Blood pressure was through the roof the next morning and felt like garbage all day. Thought I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack. Other than that it was great.

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