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What is astragalus?

Astragalus is a common ingredient in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Huangqi (the Chinese name for this immune enhancing herb) is an integral part of Fu-Zhong therapy, a combination of herbs thought to promote and enhance natural defense mechanisms. Astragalus is used to replenish vital energy, and accelerate wound healing.

What does astragalus do?

Astragalus appears to boost immune function by altering the metabolism of immune cells. As concerns have grown over the rise of drug-resistant infectious diseases in recent years, interest in this herb has also increased—and for good reason.

Studies in both humans and laboratory animals have demonstrated astragalus’ antiviral potential via its ability to protect against infection from the viruses that cause colds and the flu.. Both oral and nasal administration of Astragalus extracts have offered protection against the common cold, and in patients who are susceptible to colds and flu, treatment with Astragalus for short periods of time (two weeks) enhances interferon induction by the white blood cells. This seems to mean great resistance to infection.

Astragalus may provide more than merely protection against colds and flu, however. Kidney dialysis patients often are vulnerable to infection, and studies suggest that astragalus may help reduce the frequency of illness among this group. Another category of people who may benefit from regular use of astragagalus are those with chronic viral infections such as hepatitis. Early clinical trials in China suggest that astragalus may help those with HCV maintain their health, although its effects may take one or two months to become apparent.

In the long run, astragulus’ most important use may be to prevent something called tumor-induced macrophase suppression, which is a particularly nasty trick that cancer cells use to block the action of the body’s immune system. Cells collected from the bodies of patients with advanced cancer and incubated with extracts of astragalus blocked this tumor-promoting effect.

Studies at MD Anderson Cancer Center also suggest that astragalus may also enhance the potency of commonly-used anticancer drugs, thereby increasing their effectiveness without additional side effects. (Note: This does not mean that astragulus should be considered in any way a “cure” for cancer!)

How is astragalus used?

Astragalus may be taken as a tea, a liquid tincture, or in capsule form. Those who are ill usually take it two to three times for day.

Is astragalus safe?

Astragalus appears to be quite safe for use during “normal” infections such as colds and flu. Those with more serious medical conditions should definitelyconsult with their doctor before using this herb.

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High-Quality Astragalus Supplements Are Available From A1Supplements.com. Go To The Full Astragalus Product Listing!

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