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Grenade Ration Pack

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Grenade Ration Pack - A Complete 30 Days Nutritional Food Supplement Containing Vitamins And Minerals, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Anti-Oxidants And Probiotics!

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Contains Vitamins & Minerals, Fatty Acids, Anti-Oxidants, & Probiotics!

Nearly every elite power and strength athlete uses a multi-vitamin and mineral product. That’s a no-brainer. The problem is, not all “multis” deliver the same nutritional advantages. Some multis have low levels of one or more of the essential vitamins, or are missing them entirely. Some don’t even contain any essential minerals. Most multis don’t include more than a few basic antioxidants, and even fewer contain essential fatty acids or probiotics. Virtually none contain anti-catabolic BCAAs!

This is a problem, and you deserve better. Building impressive muscle and strength is a game of inches, so seemingly small details make all the difference. The more gaps in your nutrition and training that you can fill, the greater your results will be. Any major nutrient deficiency can halt your training progress, hamper your recovery, and hinder your overall health.

The Grenade Research Team knows these inescapable truths. That’s why, when they formulated our Ration Pack, it was designed as a complete, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement. It wasn’t just designed to contain optimal, science-backed doses of the vitamins and minerals hardcore athletes and military personnel require. It was also built with nearly every conceivable, effective, “support ingredient” available!

In fact, Ration Pack is so complete that you can say goodbye to buying zinc, vitamin C, or high-strength vitamin D in addition to your “multi.” Grenade has you covered! The Ration Pack also includes over a dozen of the most powerful antioxidant and performance-enhancing phytonutrients known to science and nature, so there’s no need to go out and buy several separate products. It's all included in Ration Pack's comprehensive formula!

If you're worried about getting enough essential fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, you can stop worrying. You would have a hard time even finding an omega-3 product with more of active EPA and DHA per serving than Ration Pack!

Ration Pack also contains large dosages of the highest-quality probiotics, including a full 2.5 billion colony forming units (CFU) of a combination of four of the most scientifically studied varieties of healthy probiotic bacteria. In addition, Ration Pack contains anti-catabolic BCAAS and other sought-after amino acids like L-Arginine, Taurine and L-Glutamine.

The Grenade Research Team has left no stone unturned developing a single, multi-component supplement with virtually every essential and non-essential nutrient necessary to support the specific, unique demands of hardcore gym-goers and active military personnel. There is simply no need to buy any other pills unless you are looking for a specific fat-burner, pre-workout, or creatine product. Ration Pack provides everything you need to lay a rock-solid foundation for muscle growth, repair and overall health.

In fact, published scientific research has determined that one or more of the various ingredients in Grenade Ration Pack help promote:


Grenade Ration Pack Directions


Protein synthesis (the muscle-building process)
Growth and repair of muscle
Achieving maximum muscular contraction, power and strength
Healthy production and function of testosterone and other anabolic hormones
Producing and providing energy for exercise activity
Supporting your metabolism
Protecting cells from oxidative damage and stress
Most major aspects of good health


Grenade Ration Pack is a full-spectrum daily nutritional supplement that contains everything you need in one convenient pack. Anyone can put together a basic multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with decent levels of the basic micronutrients, but some people want or require more. Let's face it, athletes, fitness professionals, and military personnel demand more of their bodies, which creates muscular and oxidative stress and increases many nutritional requirements.

There is a lot more to "complete" nutrition than just getting all of your vitamins. Grenade has gone several steps further by formulating a comprehensive nutritional support supplement that looks at the big picture and covers all angles. Grenade Ration Pack has enhanced levels of the highest quality chelated and compounded vitamins and minerals, and it also delivers phytonutrients like the various catechins, procyanidins, and esters that are found in specific plants and food constituents. Many of these are behind the recognized benefits of fruits, vegetables, and so-called superfoods.

Grenade researchers are convinced that no daily supplement could be complete without essential omega-3 fatty acids, so they added effective dosages of the most useable forms: EPA and DHA. If you compare how much EPA and DHA your omega-3 supplement delivers compared to Grenade Ration Pack, you will be surprised.

To complete the muscle-building arsenal, Grenade has added four specific and distinct probiotic cultures--the kinds of microorganisms found in our gut, yogurt, and other "live" foods. The whole formula has been topped off with anabolic, anti-catabolic BCAAs and other aminos!

Just about every multi has Vitamin A (carotenoids), B vitamins, C, D, and E. Most have calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. A few of the slightly more advanced products have copper, selenium, and chromium, but most don't contain much more than that. More sophisticated formulas may also include boron, molybdenum, and possibly coenzyme Q10. However, beyond these, Grenade Ration Pack includes over 20 more research-backed ingredients, including omega-3 essential fatty acids, which you usually have to buy separately.

Other ingredients, just to name a few, include lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, lycopene, lutein, green tea polyphenols, quercetin, and grape skin extract. With Grenade Ration Pack, you get a variety of research-studied nutrient constituents, along with concentrated, superfood extracts.

If you want a truly comprehensive formula, with everything you need in one box, that is packaged in convenient, individual packs that are perfect to carry to the gym or even when deployed, then Grenade Ration Pack is the only product that ticks all the boxes.



  1. Complete daily nutritional supplement for hard-training athletes, fitness professionals, and military personnel.
  2. Provides essential nutrients required for protein synthesis, muscle contraction, testosterone production and function.
  3. A comprehensive foundation for most nutritional supplement programs.
  4. Contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients, omega-3 EFAs, probiotics and amino acids.
  5. Pure, powerful, tested ingredients manufactured to the highest ISO9001 quality standard and inspired by our ongoing research with military personnel and elite athletes.
  6. Comes in portable, packs for convenient daily usage to underpin muscle growth, repair, and overall health.


Grenade Ration Pack


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  1. Quality
    Great value
    Contains multivitamin, omega 3, BCAA and so much more. Easy, convenient and economical. Highly recommend Ration Pack Multi.
  2. Quality
    Comprehensive nutrition
    Convenient and comprehensive. Includes what traditional multivitamins dont: omega 3, BCAA, and so much more.
  3. Quality
    Awesome products five healthy pills in one pack.
  4. Quality
    Nice pack
    All in one multi
  5. Quality
    Easy to use, good price!
    No more buying supps all over the place, picking several tubs for 1 pill or capsule early in the morning. Just one little pack and I'm covered. Love it.

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