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Humanofort - Promotes Increased Lean Muscle Size By Increasing Natural Testosterone! Accelerated Healing, Slowing The Aging Process, Increased Sexual Function!

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Promotes Increased Lean Muscle Size By Increasing Natural Testosterone!

Humanovar by Fitness Enterprise is a standardized extract from chicken embryo containing oligopeptide growth factors, essential amino acids, and important nutrients with powerful cell stimulating properties. The main ingredient in Humanovar is clinically proven through years of research and testing.

Humanovar is formulated to:


  • Increase natural hormone levels, including DHEA and Testosterone, promoting increased lean muscle size.
  • Decrease oxidative stress leading to quick recovery.
  • Increase fat loss.

Humanofort is a natural protein peptide from the chicken egg embryo that stimulates the adrenal glands and normalizes the body's adrenal hormone output.

Supports Healthy Sexual Function: Clinical research in Romania proved that Humanofort increases normal testosterone production in men and women, supporting healthy sex drive.

Revive Tired Muscles: Humanofort normalizes important adrenal hormones called the 17-ketosterid sulfates (17-KS-S) and the 17-hydroxycorticosterids (17-OHCS). Age, poor nutrition, and hard core training can cause the body's levels of 17-KS-S to decline. When these hormones are reduced, the body's ability to repair and rebuild muscle tissue is dramatically reduced. Researchers recorded a 68% increase in 17-KS-S levels in Humanofort-treated patients, allowing them to lose body fat and increase muscle mass.

Reduce Physical & Mental Stress: Humanofort helps the body to produce hormones such as androgens and estrogens, which play an important part in normalizing the metabolism and supporting many aspects of physical and mental health.

Maintain Healthy Triglycerides: Four Humanofort capsules a day stimulates the production of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate), which normally begins to decline after age twenty. DHEA is a naturally occurring wonder that is a precursor for the manufacture of many other homones in the body, fifty of which are from the adrenal glands. An increase of DHEA levels in the body is now proving effective in maintaining healthy triglyceride levels.

Burn Fat & Build Muscle: Humanofort helps the body to normalize leptin levels, helping to maintain optimal weight. Researchers have discovered that leptin, a natural protein produced by fat, appears to play an important role in how the body manages its supply of fat. As the body's leptin supply decreases, hunger increases and the metabolism slows down, forcing the body to regain the lost weight. Humanofort increases leptin levels naturally.

Promote Healing: Humanofort promotes healing by supporting many cellular processes. Humanofort contains essential amino acids and short amino acid chains known as oligopeptides. Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania showed that Humanofort's peptides contained protective qualities as well as cell stimulating properties. When peptides activate fibroblast growth factor receptors, those receptors promote healing and supports many cellular processes.

Slow The Effects Of Aging Process: The "free radicals" theory of aging is now generally accepted as the primary cause of deterioration in the human body. Oxygen forms unstable molecular particles, known as free radicals that attach to other molecules and damage healthy tissue. The body needs antioxidants to prevent or slow the breakdown of tissue by oxygen. Clinical studies conducted on patients aged fifty and over revealed that the Humanofort treated group showed a 72% increase in antioxidants.

Support Healthy Sleep: Humanofort has bio-stimulating properties which allow the body to naturally increase adrenal gland output and normalize adrenal hormone production. These bio-stimulating properties have been shown to support healthy sleep and stimulate intellectual activity.


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  1. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    Works well in reduction of TBF and increase of LBM
    I have a client who is a cyclist (racing), we started with the recommended dosage on the bottle. We did a pre BIA (Bio-electrical impedance) measurement and month post Humanfort to show an significance in findings. Phase angle improved from a 7.2 to an 8.4, numbers above 6 are great. His body fat went from a 8.8 to 6.1, lean body mass had increased as well as intracellular H20. Extracellular H20 had decreased as well. Total body water was excellent.
    Long story..... He is a racing machine and that he states " my recovery is really improved" overall fatigue factor while riding is improved too.
  2. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    what dreams are made of
    A good product youtube chat room lead me here. I'm glad I brought this product. I was feeling different in a week also good for sleep.
  3. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    It is great for anti aging.
  4. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    Fantastic Product! Life Force in a capsu
    As a competitive natural bodybuilder for 28 years. this is by far the best products ever. it works very slow and subtle and yet it is the most potent after you have taking o|for over a year!
  5. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    great stuff largely unknown
    This is a gest product just read the studies on it. Really helps me push my workouts very far with no fear of "overtraining"
  6. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    Good Product
    Good product and company. Also helps with anxiety and sleep.
  7. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    One of the best recovery aids ever created. Highly recommended.
  8. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    Humanofort review
    I have using Humanofort now for about three weeks. I wanted something to help build muscle without having the water-weight of creatine. I take it first thing in the morning before I work out at lunch and before bed. It does not give me any kind of pump but it does help focus in the gym and helps recovery time. It seems like it helps to boost test. Have not seen any side effects at all. I am
  9. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    Outstanding product!!!!! Great results!!
    This product is great and one of the best supplements out there that nobody knows about. I sleep much better and feel much less stressed with everyday problems. The most positive impact has been on my training. My workouts have been much stronger and my muscle endurance has increased dramatically. I love humanofort so i give this product two thumbs up!!
  10. Fitness Enterprise Humanofort

    It' OK product
    I am using before I go to bed sometimes in the middle of the night.|Gives more energy. Lessens oxidative stress|Could be stronger.Plus could be antler velvet aded

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