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EPG Epilean Shred

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EPG Epilean Shred - Hard Dry Muscle Mass! 300mg DHEA, 100mg Acacetin, 100mg Epicatechin, 20mg GBB! Keepable Strength Gains! New Improved Formula!
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Increases Lean Muscle Mass & Decreases Water Retention!

EPILEAN SHRED by EPG combines DHEA, GBB, Epicatechin, Acacetin and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. This mix works by promoting muscle development, reducing estrogen, decreasing cortisol levels, boosting nitric oxide, and elevating Free Testosterone. All in all, it gives the body ample reason to crush the fat and get shredded.

DHEA is your body's most abundant circulating hormone whose production decreases after the age of 25. Supplementing DHEA levels can help support immune function and is ideal for weight management, circulatory health, mood and well-being, healthy body weight and lean muscle mass, and libido.

ACACETIN is an anti-aromatase and estrogenic activity blocker that is derived from the Damiana Plant. by boosting testosterone and decreasing estrogen levels at the same time. It elevates the users natural myotropic state that helps you: Build Lean Muscle Mass - Burn and Reduce Fat Storage Leading to More Muscle Mass - Better Recovery and Increased Libido!

EPICATECHIN is a powerful antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin a protein within the body that limits muscle growth while simultaneously increasing levels of Follistatin a protein that works to promote muscle growth and development.

GBB- Gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester chloride is an effective precursor for L-Carnitine. GBB-EEC can increase the body’s production of L-Carnitine and can help improve energy levels and athletic performance. Higher L-Carnitine levels also helps to promote fat loss and immune system support. (GBB ingredient can make you sweat )

L-CARNITINE / L-TARTRATE show many beneficial properties, especially in weight loss and the burning of fat. This nutrient can turn fat into energy and restores depleted muscles after strenuous exercise and bodybuilding. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is exceptional for Increased endurance and nitric oxide levels and muscle recovery after exercise.

Grapefruit extract 4:1) will maximize the absorption and nutrient transportation in the bloodstream, yielding greater bioavailability.

Directions: Typical users of Epilean Shred will take 3 capsules daily for 30 – 90 days, with no off cycle or PCT needed. Experienced users may take up to 6 capsules daily for 15 days, then add a second bottle to complete the 30-day period.

If you are tired of inferior bodybuilding supplements with empty promises then look no further than Epilean to get you that hard, ripped physique you have working so hard for.

Epilean Benefits:

- Leaner Muscle Gains

- Harder Muscles

- Increase in Strength

- Reduction in Estrogen

- Increase in Natural Testosterone

- Boosted Libido

- Increase in Fat Loss


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Works great!
    Definitely works as stated. Good mix of ingredients with proper dosages. Never quite tried 300mg of dhea, but it feels great. Bogo was a good deal also. I've had luck with EPG supps.
  2. Quality
    EPG EpiLean... meh
    Didn’t really do anything for me. My muscles did feel harder. That was it.
  3. Quality
    Good solid product
    I have used Epilean a couple of times. Each time i am happy with the outcome. A1's 2 for 1 makes this great value. I get leaner and harder using this but it will not do all the work. Cardio needs to go along with it.
    Does not provide massivr gains but i have been training for years and can tell it does provide a little extra
  4. Quality
    EPG Epilean Shred
    AWESOME!!!. Take it as directed and in the first month lost 6lbs. Feeling great and motivated, plus in combination with Testoshred you couldn't get it wrong!!
  5. Quality
    EPI Lean
    I’ve been using epilean for two weeks now and I can feel a big difference in my body I’m sweating more and I’ve actually lost about 5 pounds in two weeks I really think that I’m going to love this product
  6. Quality
    Awesome Product
    Awesome product!! I’ve been on EpiLean for two weeks. Not on a strict diet; however I am not intentionally eating crap. I workout hard in my garage (strictly dumbbells and treadmill) and have noticeable results and positive comments from people at work. I would definitely recommend... Plan on getting a gym membership soon for my second bottle.
  7. Quality
    Solid product, good gains and a great formula
    I like EPG products as they look to cover all bases
    The 300mg of DHEA along with the other ingredients make this a stand out product for improved dryness and strength
  8. Quality
    Great product
    This product was awesome for cutting. Epiandrosterone is very mild so I didn’t notice any crazy side effects. Being a mild compound d it won’t produce drastic gains but you have to make the product work for you. Diet well do the cardio and you will see results. Overall, a great product for something considered very mild on the pro hormone spectrum.
  9. Quality
    Perfect for cutting
    Great deal with the buy one get one, not only did it get me leaner faster but I felt amazing taking this, recovery and endurance was unreal, for the price you cant go wrong.
  10. Quality
    Better than expected
    Honestly, i bought it because of the promo. I read the reviews and i was not very confident about the results, but i am surprised because it works.
    Obviously, it doesn't work if you don't eat quite clean and train hard. Sometimes i read "i train hard" but it depends upon the person. For me, train hard is 40 minutes of lifting and boxing for an hour after 9 hours of working six days a week. I am not in diet but try to eat clean. I really see results: more shredded and about 2/3 kg gains of muscle taking 4 capsules per day.
    I know that but many people it can seem poor but with any side effects for me is a good option for improving.

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