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Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse

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Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse - Non-Stimulant Fat Burner! Tear Down The Walls Of Stubborn Fat Reserves And Raiding BMI Indexes With Blackstone's New Secret Weapon: Trojan Horse!

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Non-Stimulant Fat Burner!

Blackstone Labs is at it again. This time, we’re tearing down the walls of stubborn fat reserves and raiding BMI indexes with our new secret weapon: Trojan Horse.

We all know the conventional approach to burning fat: load up on caffeine or other hard-hitting stimulants until your central nervous system is completely taxed, and then you crash hard. While a lot of people are totally okay with this, we recognize that there are others who are not a fan of feeling like their heart is going to pop out of their chest, and of course, the bane of the working person, insomnia.

Luckily for you, the brilliant mind of our Chief Science Officer, The Guerrilla Chemist has discovered a way to burn reserves of fat without any kind of stimulants. Yes, you’ve read correctly, Trojan Horse is completely stimulant free. You can take it minutes before bed and rest well, knowing that you’ll be burning fat all through the night.

Trojan Horse utilizes a cellular process known as uncoupling, one of the most powerful ways your body can burn fat. Uncoupling essentially causes your body to use much more energy than it normally would to create ATP, and this extra energy comes from the breakdown of fat. Previously, the most powerful (and harmful) fat burner of all time, 2,4-Dinitrophenol (otherwise known as DNP), used uncoupling to burn fat.  Unfortunately, DNP, a former substitute for TNT and dynamite, is very toxic and produces tons of cell-damaging free radicals and organ failure.

While Trojan Horse is an uncoupler and does cause your body to breakdown fat for energy, we are proud to state that Trojan Horse is NOT TOXIC IN ANY CAPACITY WHATSOEVER.

Much like how the Achaeans used clever tactics to burn Troy to the ground, Trojan Horse uses uncoupling to trick your body into using much more energy than it actually needs for the production of ATP. This excess workload forces your body burn its reserves of fat to the ground.

Take up arms and fight the good fight against fat. Burn it to the ground with the newest addition to your arsenal: Trojan Horse!

The mechanism by which Trojan Horse works is multi-faceted. The first part of the mechanism involves the combination of hydroxycitrate (HCA) and L-carnitine. These two molecules synergistically work together to enhance the activity of the enzyme carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT), the rate limiting enzymatic step for transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria for beta oxidation (fat burning). HCA inhibits the production of malonyl CoA, an allosteric inhibitor of CPT. Carnitine is an essential cofactor for CPT activity and enhances ketogenesis.

During ketogenesis, more ADP is generated, which results in an increased electrochemical proton gradient for ATP synthase.

ATP synthase is responsible for the production of ATP and requires a high electrochemical gradient to work sufficiently.

Pyruvate is the end product of glycolysis, the breakdown of carbohydrates for energy. Pyruvate converts into acetyl CoA that enters the Krebs cycle, which generates the electron carriers NADH and FADH2. The molecules are necessary for the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), where your body produces ATP. Essentially, pyruvate converts into oxaloacetate in the body, which has high redox potential.

This is energetically favorable, so most of the oxaloacetate will be reduced to malate, which already exists in large quantities in the mitochondria. Pyruvate can be expected to catalyze the transfer of high-energy electrons from mitochondria to the cytosol. The resulting decrease in mitochondrial NADH should stimulate the Krebs cycle and promote reverse electron transport.

Reverse Electron transport is a process by which electrons are shuttled away from the ETC and into the cytosol, where they can re-enter the respiratory chain at the CoQ level. This process significantly disrupts the electrochemical proton gradient needed to generate ATP, effectively “uncoupling” the Krebs cycle and ETC. As a result, more energy is utilized in the process of making ATP, and the complete oxidation of fatty acids to CO2 is increased in an effort to get the necessary electrons needed to repair the electrochemical gradient.


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  1. Quality
    Awesome fat burner!!
    I use Trojan Horse for my show prep and my wife’s prep as well. It is by far the most effective burner without the jitters. It tastes great too!!
  2. Quality
    Nothing Great
    I took the whole can before reviewing. It gives you a boost of energy,and you can take it before bed. Don't know how much fat burning it did. I noticed a small change but nothing was melting off like the add says,maybe If you stack it with another product. I give it average at best
  3. Quality
    Made me very gassy.
    I tried the lemon lime. I thought it was disgusting. It gave me pretty bad gas. Tried it over 3 days and had the same result each time. I love Blackstone products though. Their BCAA resurgence, viper rx, recomp, Epicat, and paraburn are all excellent and I use them regularly with good results, real or imagined.
  4. Quality
    Lose weight while you sleep!
    Best part about this product is that it is a non-stimulation fat burner which means that you can take it day or night. I like to combine it with Blackstone Cobra Extreme and had phenomenal results. I was able to lose weight, ease up the bloating around my stomach and felt great. I have tried both flavors and they are good. The only pet peeve I have is that it does not mix really well so you will need to use hot water to ensure maximum dissolution or get really good shaker bottle. Still a good product thought all that aside.
  5. Quality
    No results, did two months worth. Diet is good and workouts great. Not worth it if you cannot tell any difference, was gritty and taste was not that great.
  6. Quality
    Not a fan
    Can't say this did much of anything for me. Tastes awful (black currant) very gritty and has a sulphur like after taste. BSL is usually on point but this one, not so much in my opinion.
  7. Quality
    Best fat loss product
    I have tried everything in fat loss world and Trojan Horse is definately 1st. No jitters, no crazy side effects just results!!! Taste is yummy too.
  8. Quality
    Darn Good Horse
    Pretty good stuff definitely works but I still stack it with a thermogenic to get the results I want.
  9. Quality
    Best on the market
    Trojan Horse is the best fat loss supplement on the market. It works so much better than traditional thermogenic products. You have to give it a try!!!

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