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Blackstone Labs BCAA Resurgence

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Blackstone Labs BCAA Resurgence - Outlast, Endure, Overcome! Promotes Muscle Recovery And Increased Endurance, Contains Rejuvenating Vitamins And Minerals, Blend Of Essential Amino Acids!

All Day Amino Acid, Energy, & Focus!


When your primary concern is building muscle, there’s a few things you need to focus on each day -- eating ample calories, training intensely by following the principles of progressive overload, resting enough. But sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes your body is missing those key nutrients it needs throughout the day to repair, replenish and rebuild your mind and muscles.


BCAA Resurgence is your all day, every day muscle-building insurance policy that provides the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to promote optimal muscle growth and recovery. Also included is a powerful focus matrix including proven focus to obliterate mental fatigue and promote long-lasting focus and concentration all day long.


Say goodbye to soreness, achiness, lethargy, and lackluster gains once and for all with BCAA Resurgence!


Supports Muscle Growth
Promotes Muscle Recovery
Supports Increased Endurance
Clean Long Lasting Energy
Contains Rejuvenating Vitamins and Minerals
Blend of Essential Amino Acids
Mental Focus and Clarity
Cutting Edge Ingredients


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  1. Quality
    BCAAs +
    Great product arrived fast

    Branch chain amino acids are:
    leucine, isoleucine, valine

    +Plus other essential aminos
  2. Quality
    Flavor is a little checmical tasting
    Flavor is a little checmical tasting. Kinda of like it’s trying to hard to make the fruit flavoring. Just real fruit flavors or even plain would be fine.
  3. Quality
    Very good product
    This one from the. Blackstone labs is awesome the fruit punch flavor is very good and really like its effect. love it!
  4. Quality
    Great for energy and recovery.
    BCAA Resurgence really helped my once-weekly rock climbing sessions at the gym. Taking one scoop gives plenty of extra energy. My tendons give up way before my muscles, and I'm 48, and I never work out, unless you consider the hour once a week at the gym. Anyway the mix also really helps with recovery. I can push myself really hard and be only a little sore afterwards, where without the mix I am sore for a few days.
    I prefer the BCAA mix over protein powder. No weird stomach issues, just energy!
  5. Quality
    Amazing Energy & Recovery!
    This is a truly great product. I have found that when taking this before my workouts, my energy is greatly increased, particularly in those grueling Leg and Deadlift days. Additionally, when used as a post-workout recovery tool, I find that my recovery time is improved, with muscle soreness being greatly reduced. On top of all this, the vitamin profile is amazing, almost like having a second multi-vitamin. The fruit punch tastes amazing and I have even found out, not proudly, that it even helps reduce symptoms of the dreaded hangover. Haha. Great product and highly recommend.
  6. Quality
    worth the $
    i like this product. my only gripe is that it don't taste like fruit punch totally. only tried fruit punch so far. i would buy this again.
  7. Quality
    Nasty taste...
    Good product love the effects but the pina flavor is NASTY ! Tastes like pina with a plastic after taste... Kills it for me !
  8. Quality
    Blackstone Labs Resurgence
    Blackstone labs BCAA's is the best I have tasted and also the best on mixing it up. You also know you are getting what is on the label. Good Co. and good product.
  9. Quality
    Tried and Tested
    I selected the Fruit Punch flavor and admit it is a bit spikey but tasty from my former acquaintance with ON Amino Energy. I would contribute the difference in taste due to the many additional benefits this product has. I did observe on my circuit training days I had more mood momentum and stamina in my performance and a steady flow of energy throughout the remainder of the day. Resurgence has the "essential" neccessaries to insure your gains as well as recovery agents. I'm enjoying using this product and eager to try other flavors in the reorder.
  10. Quality
    Pina Colada ROCKS
    I have to admit, I was kind of skeptical about the Pina Colada flavor but it was surprisingly tasty. I have ordered it twice now. It is a good change of flavor from the traditional. Fruit Punch was kind of disappointing.

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