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Blackstone Labs Euphoria

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Blackstone Labs Euphoria - Mood Enhancing! May Enhance Sexual Experience! Mind & Body Relaxation!
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Mood Enhancing! May Enhance Sexual Experience! Mind & Body Relaxation!

Overstressed at work? Need to unwind after a long day? Nobody wants a hangover from a night of drinking and a lot of us can’t risk using an illegal drug. There had to be a solution to the dilemma and we found it! For the first time ever, we bring to the market a 100% legal and highly effective sedative that will take the edge off and leave you in a cloud. Euphoria is the all-natural, calorie free, hangover free, and toxic free solution to a completely satisfying euphoric experience that can last all night.
Here’s what you will experience each time you supplement with Euphoria: We recommended that you take on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness. Start off with 4-6 capsules and prepare for the ride of your life. At first you won’t experience much – don’t worry it’s coming! After 15 minutes you’ll begin to have your face, ears, and neck get warmer. A slight tingle will rush down your back and into your shoulders. As the seconds and minutes pass you’ll quickly start to let every care and worry in your mind and body slip away. Many users have told us they experienced strong sexual desires simply by touching their own skin or by having a significant other rub their shoulders. After 30 minutes you will be at the climax of your journey. Nothing in the world will be of the matter. At this stage of the ride you’ll be thinking, “How can I get more of this stuff?!” The pleasure will be so overwhelming that you will wish it could last forever. But as soon as the experience started, it will subside shortly after an hour an a half of ingesting.
Research has shown that for those looking to continue the power of Euphoria you can maintain the experience by continuing to supplement with the recommended dose for as long as you seek the effects. For others who might need to get back to work or don’t want the all night effects, once the Euphoria has run its course you can go right back to what you were doing without feeling tired or cloudy. It really is the best of both worlds. Once you try Euphoria we guarantee you’ll be rethinking the way you relax or unwind either at home or out for the night. Take it with your partner and have the night of your life or take it by yourself and float away. The powerful effects of Euphoria are like nothing you have ever experienced over the counter.


Try it today and find out for yourself!


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  1. Quality
    I honestly didn't feel anything other than a TERRIBLE migraine...not sure how this got so many good reviews..waste of money and highly disappointed in this product.
  2. Quality
    Super intense
    I took four like recommend......only take 4...waaay to powerful and the next day i was in a daze all damn day...i had trouble with spelling or doing anything normal. I dont recommend 4. Most likely 2 capsules will be fine. The hangover is worse then anything ive ever took....feels like mdma and your mind is completely out of it the next day....dont take if you have work within 2 days..... Rediculious
  3. Quality
    Paranoia & upset stomach
    If you get paranoid from marijuana then this isn’t a good alternative, it causes the same effect. Also major nausea. I only took 4.
  4. Quality
    good time waster
    need an empty stomach, window doesn;t last too long but it works. No real benefits aside from goofing around when you have downtime. buy 2 get 1 free is a decent deal
  5. Quality
    It does give a pretty good high when you figure out you aren't dieing. For the first couple minutes i thought i was having a heart attack, do not take if you have asthma or heart issues. You will die. Also it gave me a hangover the next day. I don't drink alcohol and after taking this i had a major headache the next day and was sensitive to sound and light.
    Nut i took 4 of them one day and it did nothing so the time I'm talking about i took 8
  6. Quality
    good stuff
    Enjoyed this stuff an sex is great on it .. wuuwuu
  7. Quality
    made me really sick
  8. Quality
    Wow this hits you!
    So of course with a supplement named “Euphoria” I couldn’t help but feel a little bit skeptical, but wow does this stuff hit you hard! I took 5 capsules and for like 30-40 min felt nothing. Then I felt a slowly building rush and within 2 min it hit me like a brick wall, never felt a rushing euphoric feeling hit me this hard from something legal! My entire body was overcome with this warm tingling feeling and I felt like I was tripping! Definitely the most effective legal euphoria I’ve ever felt! Every single problem and worry just vanished into thin air, and I’m not making this stuff up. If you’re looking for an amazing euphoric rush that will blow your mind, buy this stuff seriously. I’m 10000% buying more of this. Just wow.
  9. Quality
    Felt almost nothing
    I'm not sure why this has so many great reviews. I have used an entire bottle and barely felt anything, it did make me sleep pretty well but that's about it. My wife tried it and she didn't notice anything. Only good thing I can say is that there no negative effects.
  10. Quality
    WARNING: Inconsistent Potency!
    My first bottle did absolutely nothing, but I got a buy 1 get one free so I took 6 from my second bottle and it knocked me on my friggin ASS! Within 5 minutes I had heartburn (which I didn't have with the first bottle), and within 20 minutes I sunk into my chair and had to go lay down. Please be careful because if you're driving when it hits you, you'll be screwed! FYI: I'm 6ft, 360lbs with 220lbs lean body mass. I'm no lightweight. Definitely something "hinky" going on with this supplement.

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