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An Exceptional Whey Protein Isolate That Mixes Easily & Tastes Incredible! Isoflex Protein Powder Has An Excellent Macronutrient Profile. 27g Of Whey Protein Isolate, Virtually Fat Free & 0g Of Sugar!

A Blend Of Muscle Building And Recovery Compounds For Results!


The ultimate in taste, the ultimate in convenience; ISOFLEX stakes its claim as the last word in high performance nutrition. With 7 critical cofactors in 4 proprietary complexes, ISOFLEX not only provides an ultra-pure, highly-bioavailable whey protein isolate but a potent delivery system to ensure powerful nutrient assimilation you can feel. With 90% pure protein per scoop, amazing taste and the perfect blend of protein, nothing else can compare.

ISOFLEX protein powder has an excellent macronutrient profile. It contains a whopping 27 grams of active whey protein isolate, is fat free, 0 grams of sugar, is 98% lactose-free and completely aspartame-free. Its an exceptional whey protein isolate that mixes easily and tastes incredible!


IsoFlex Major Protein Fractions:


  • Beta Lactalbumin 49%
  • Alpha Lactalbumin 21%
  • Glycomacropeptides 16%
  • Immunoglobulin 9%
  • BSA 1%
  • EGF 2%
  • IGF 1 1%
  • Lactoferrin 1%


ISOFLEX combines four proprietary delivery systems. The ingredients in each system work synergistically to provide a high-quality and great-tasting protein powder thats been designed to help you reach your goals. The four systems of ISOFLEX


WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) Complex [WPI Fortified]: CTP (Cold Temperature Process), cross- flow microfiltered whey protein isolate, WPI (97% Whey Protein Isolate) and Synermune Colostrum, a natural source of EGF, IGF-1 (growth factor). This high-quality whey protein isolate complex can help you reach your body-shaping goals.


NOS Complex [Ultra-Flow Delivery]: Contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein, folic acid and N-acetyl-cystine (N.A.C). Designed to increase blood flow and increase Nitrogen and Whey peptide delivery. It can also boost nitric oxide levels, thereby speeding up recovery and protein delivery to muscle tissues.


Glutamine Complex [GLUTAMAX TECHNOLOGY]: Naturally occurring glutamine peptides. Designed to improve recovery and provide immune support.


IS Complex [Rapid Absorption]: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), d-Pinitol and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine. Designed to increase protein uptake and insulin support.


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  1. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    You WILL NOT find a better Whey Protein. This is the purest (90% per scoop), best tasting, and best mixing protein I've ever used. I've used a bunch of brands and products and IsoFlex is seriously unmatched, nothing comes close. Peanut Butter Chocolate is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE delicious I've also enjoyed a couple 2 lbs tubs of Banana Creme Supreme, but I've been through about 14 lbs of the Peanut Butter Chocolate and its delicious every time, no aftertaste at all!!!
  2. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Excellent protein
    The quality is excellent. One of the best proteins. I love it
  3. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Good protein
    Mixes good with water and taste good. Taste fantastic with milk.
  4. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    good quality..ok taste
    its a good quality protein and mixes well but, i was not impressed with the chocolate flavor..its kind of bland and not very chocolatey
  5. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Great taste, fast absorption and perfect protein for anytime of the day shake.
  6. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Top quality protein
    Got chocolate flavor:- Taste nice, easy to mix with spoon and no long term after taste. Really smooth to chug in multiple scoops at one time :) Will buy more again and try other flavors!!
  7. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Allmax isoflex
    This protein is the best of them all, it has 0 fats 0 sugars 0 cholesterol and 27g of pure protein it can be used to lose weight or increase lean muscle mass or size and it works fast also price is sometimes better on this website compared to all other retailers when they have deals
  8. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    This is a good protein supplement.
  9. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Great product
    I love this protein it is clean and holds me and helps me to burn fat and does not bother my stomach it's a fantastic protein I say the best ever.
  10. ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex

    Brought isoflex for my girlfriend, she loves the flavor and said its mixes very well.

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