Accelerated Sport Nutraceutical Viacil

Increase the Number of Ejaculatory Contractions During the Male Orgasm!

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Increase the Number of Ejaculatory Contractions During the Male Orgasm!

With millions of men suffering from an enlarged prostate, Viacil is an excellent natural alternative with the added benefit of being an orgasm intensifier. Viacil is a 680 milligram, all natural, proprietary blended tablet consisting of Scandinavian Flower Pollen, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng and Lutein. Viacil has been clinically proven to significantly increase the number of ejaculatory contractions during the male orgasm, increase ejaculate production and decrease recovery time in between orgasms. Additionally, Viacil has been clinically proven to promote a healthy prostate.

In Europe, the term ropes applies to the number of physical ejaculatory
contractions a man has during an orgasm. The more contractions (ropes), the longer and more intense the orgasm. In a typical orgasm, men have 4-7 ropes, while most men who take Viacil daily report that their ropes increase significantly, some up to 10-15 per orgasm! Viacil is an extremely potent
male orgasm intensifier. The strength and duration of an orgasm is dependent
on many factors. The number and intensity of the physical contractions, along with the coinciding semen release are pleasure factors that when enhanced, lead to a much better climax! Viacil contains a pure flower seed extract and is all natural. Saw Palmetto and Lutein are added to promote prostate health.

With Viacil you can enjoy:

More powerful, concentrated sexual contractions from the beginning of the orgasm to the end, allowing for a more pleasurable experience.
  • An increased number of sexual contractions for longer, more intense orgasms.
  • An accelerated recovery time between sexual experiences.
  • A more enjoyable sexual sensation.
  • Supported prostate health
Swedish flower pollen
Swedish flower pollen is prepared by puncturing the pollen husk of flowering plants and extracting its nutrients. Commonly called grass pollen, it supports prostate health by increasing peak urine flow and enhancing muscle tone. It also increases number of sexual contractions for longer, more intense orgasms.

Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto is used popularly in Europe for symptoms associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate). Although not considered standard of care in the United States, it is the most popular herbal treatment for this condition.

Research suggests lutein plays a significant role in human health. For cardiovascular health, lutein present in blood serum may favorably impact arterial wall thickening, a component of atherosclerosis. Lutein is an important natural antioxidant that may help your eyes stay healthy while maintaining the health of your skin .

Ginseng Increases resistance to stress and enhances sexual stamina and energy. What makes ginseng a valuable herbal supplement? It promotes stamina, energy and a sense of well-being, naturally: Clinical studies show that ginseng may be a good choice for someone who's been under a great deal of stress, by significantly reducing feelings of anxiety.

  1. Accelerated Sport Nutraceutical Viacil

    Excellent choice
    This product really works. I was skeptical but amazingly, it does the intended job.

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