Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

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Naturally Boost Testosterone!

Naturally Boost Testosterone!

  • Counteract estrogen
  • Gain muscle fast
  • Potent formula
  • See results fast
  • Boost sex drive and desire
  • More energy and vitality
  • Works with our other products
  • Part of sexual massacre stack
  • 30 day supply
  • 60 capsules dietary supplement
  • The result you can feel
  • Made in a CGMP lab in the USA

  1. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Awesome Results!
    I noticed 2 things right away ..1. My strength in the gym went up ( Tonight I Deadlifted 425 lbs for 3 sets of 3 and I’m 54 years old)..2. Have woken up every morning with a woody!!!!
  2. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Not very effective.
    Really not enough ingredients in this stuff to do anything! Dosage is very small! Alpha 1 max was the balls to the walls real deal!!!!!! Need more of that!!!!!!
  3. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Good Stuff
    Works great. noticeable difference in my workout and recovery. better than the stuff that cost 2x-4x more. give it a shot its cheap and good
  4. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Great for the price
    It gives similar results as the products that cost more than twice as much. Every week I'm on it my workout gets better. Pop wood randomly like I'm in high school again. Stack with Ball refill for max results!!
  5. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Green man gone
    Husbands irritation level was so high, tired all the time, mood swings, just not well. After 3 days taking Wrecking Balls, there was a noticeable change, only downside is 3 days without it again the green man appears. Great product, he gets a little heartburn but likely that's the niacin. The pro's outweigh the cons without a doubt. Thanks WB.
  6. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    More muscle mass
    I take all the Vigor sex products, their bodybuilding products may even be more worth it... if you look good you get more sex so there you have it! I think that's why they sell both
  7. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    5lbs of muscle is worth it. Love Vigor!
    Vigor Labs delivers muscle gains in this product. I took 2 bottles and gained 5lbs of muscle.
  8. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Great energy boost!
    This really works for energy and all over stamina while I'm working out. Helps in the bedroom too! Again another great product at a reasonable price from Vigor Labs.
  9. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Have seen a marked boost in energy levels which means this product definitely works! Much more 'staying power' too. Will continue to buy it and am happy with the price. Like the fact that it's an 'all-natural' product.
  10. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

    Medically proven to work for me
    I had low test levels and took 2 bottles of this a month for 2 months and went back and the test levels were back to normal. That's a fact so I will be buying this instead of worrying about a Dr. prescription which he will no longer prescribe now that my levels were back to normal anyway.

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