Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

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Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack - Extreme Performance, Mega Orgasms With Chainsaw & Ball Refill!

Break Out The Saw!

Ball Refill

Vigor Labs offers the most extreme sexual health supplements providing mind blowing, heart pounding, body rocking orgasms for men. The best part about sex for a man is unleashing his reserve onto his lover. Ball Refill allows you to increase the amount of volume you have to spray by as much as 600% and shortens the recovery time to do it all over again.


The increased blood flow will make your member so hard and big you will feel like you can saw your lover in half! This product is specially formulated to leaving you with no headaches or blurred vision. Remember that time you were making love and your member was so hard you felt like you could split your lover in half. Well that explains the name, these pills will give you a rocking hard on every time and get you harder faster. Never take more than two of this product. Get ready to break out the saw!
  1. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    I felt like the man of steel had spidermans web slinger on overload
    Omg the chain saw gives me a rock hard renob that makes me feel like I could pole vault with it...i actually hung my towel on it after I got out of the shower while I was brushing my teeth. The ball refill made me feel like santa had a little something extra in his sack and it made me a spackle monster with my lady friend. If you want to look like you just dropped a tapioca snack pack in your boxer briefs after you were spinning around on your man dradle then get this combo
  2. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    More than I needed
    Haven't used chainsaw at all the ball refill has exceeded all my expectations great product so far.
  3. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Great Product!
    The products are absolutely fantastic. Will absolutely buy again.
  4. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Would recom
    Product was good use as directed
  5. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Took this with me to Thailand for some R and R
    wow did this help me accomplish all of my personal sexual goals in Thailand on my trip. Thank you guys at A1!
  6. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Boy oh boy does this combo of the Ball Filler and the Chainsaw make for a fun weekend... Hook it up yall.
  7. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Stack is excellent
    Works wonders for my sex life thanks A1 for making it so cheap and easy to order the essentials as just 1 product.
  8. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    powerfuld combo
    Get about a 40% increase with Ball Refill and instant response with 2 chainsaw pills. Must have in every man's medicine cabinet better than the RX stuff.
  9. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Love this, my girl loves it because of my loads and some happen so quick it's nuts but with ball refill, I'm reloaded!
    Chainsaw is exactly what the name says you are chain sawing through.

    Love it!!!' Thank you A1 and Vigor labs!
  10. Vigor Labs Sexual Massacre Stack

    Not disappointed
    So I feel a little excited on Ball Refill and Chainsaw but it works great. My wife tells me I don't need it but it feels better when I take it and everything is easier... enough said?

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