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Vigor Labs Chainsaw

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Vigor Labs Chainsaw - Extreme Sexual Stimulant! Boost Sex drive And Desire! Satisfy Your Lover Longer!

Extreme Sexual Stimulant!

  • Maximum hardness and quicker arousal
  • Maximize size
  • Boost sex drive and desire
  • See results in 30 minutes
  • More satisfying sex
  • Satisfy your lover longer
  • Great with Ball Refill
  • Part of the "Sexual Massacre Stack"
  • 30 Tasteless capsules - Dietary Supplement
  • Potent formula with expensive, rare ingredients
  • Get results you can feel
  • Made in a cGMP lab in the USA
  • Feel like you could saw your lover in half with your tool!
The increased blood flow will make your member so hard and big you will feel like you can saw your lover in half! This product is specially formulated to leaving you with no headaches or blurred vision. Remember that time you were making love and your member was so hard you felt like you could split your lover in half. Well that explains the name, these pills will give you a rocking hard on every time and get you harder faster. Never take more than two of this product. Get ready to break out the saw!


  1. Quality
    Chainsaw + Ball Refill = OMFG!
    I'm wondering how this stuff isn't regulated. It actually feels like taking the Viagra. I'm 44 years old and I've tried several supplements over the years and nothing actually does anything or makes me feel any different. The first day I tried Ball Refill and Chainsaw, I actually got worried. I felt flush, it gave me a mild headache and my ears were ringing a bit. It was worth it though because my cock hasn't been so fat and hard in a long time. Sex with my wife was freaking AWESOME that night. She kept saying how hard I was and we had to slow down after a few minutes because she was complaining that her pussy was sore. In the end, I blew the most amazing nut EVER. I've been using both for a couple of weeks now. I just have to be careful about when I take them because they can keep my up and restless at night but I am for sure a super happy customer.
  2. Quality
    It is what it is
    I have taken this product several times, as well as many products like this. All in all, they do what they say they do. Get you rock hard for max performance. However, this was not much different in side effects as the others. I try to take these with food as they can get you feeling out of wack. I feel that you should eat an entire pizza to help avoid the effects these cause. While you can perform like a rock star, there is a good chance your body temp will be way off, your hands will be ice cold, clammy, your muscles could ache and you could just straight feel like you have the flu. The only time i really avoid the side effects is if ive eaten a ton right before i took them and if im doing some heavy drinking. I still take these frequently because they do work but every pill has a little different effect and i also open them up and dump out over half. I would give 5 stars if the sides were more mild, but 4 because wow, my lady reallly enjoys.
  3. Quality
    3rd time around
    So i have just received my third bottle of Chainsaw. The first 2 i had went pretty easily, minor flushing, minor body temp changes, minimal aches. The third bottle however, seems to be much more potent, as the first few i have taken have left me regretting taking them. Extreme muscle aches, body temp changes so much i was chattering my teeth for a bit, and the overall feeling that i just wanted to lay under a blanket so i could feel terrible in comfort. The Ball Refill gave me the similar sides although the main goal of erection was achieved. I still had extreme wood, but my hands and body were so cold i would not have enjoyed the performance aspect of these. I will keep taking these with food, but i may be opening them up and dumping half or more out to see if i can avoid the feelings of death. Still give 4 stars.
  4. Quality
    Is good
    I got this with a combo deal with Ball Refill. The ingredients in both are the same, but i only take this one daily as the Ball Refill gives me that flu feeling that a lot of these types of products do. Chainsaw on the other hand, while it can make me feel a bit off usually doesn't. I always feel ready to go and not hesitant about what performance im going to have. Im pushing 40 so my libido isn't like it once was, but with Chainsaw im suddenly back in 2003 swinging around.
  5. Quality
    i love this stuff
  6. Quality
    Good stuff
    Works as good as it says. will recommend usage.
  7. Quality
    Do the stack with the ball filler
    Chainsaw puts the lead in the pencil and helps you keep it. I take with Ball Refill and I kill it on a daily basis. I don't get no jitters I have been taking it a while too. A1 has the best prices too I love it.
  8. Quality
    I am a big boy and this still worked
    Maybe 300 lbs plus but who is counting and this worked for me. I could have circulatory issues so this helped get the blood flowing to a right place.
  9. Quality
    It works!
    It works!!!!!!
  10. Quality
    No Good
    Does nothing but make you feel dizzy

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