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SNS Glycophase

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SNS GlycoPhase - Glucose Disposal Agent, Enhance Fat Loss, Increase Lean Muscle & Strength, All Day Muscle Fullness, Pumps & Vascularity! Promotes Management Of Insulin Levels!

Your Complete Glucose Disposal Agent! Don’t Fear Carbs – Make Them Work for You! 


Insulin has frequently been referred to as the most anabolic hormone in the body. While it can help promote muscle growth, it can unfortunately promote the storage of body-fat as well. With insulin, the key isn’t to have more; the key is how effectively the body can utilize even the smallest amount as efficiently as possible to maximize both muscle growth and fat loss.
GlycoPhase contains a cutting edge nutrient partitioning matrix that is designed to help the body more effectively harness the power of insulin to help maximize lean muscle growth, increase protein synthesis, and effectively clear glucose from the bloodstream in order to create a fat burning environment. (1)

A Few Simple Notes about Insulin in the Bloodstream:
-    The higher the level of insulin in the bloodstream, the greater the potential for fat storage and reduced fat mobilization. (1,2)
-    More Insulin = More Carbs Stored as Body-Fat. (1,2)

GlycoPhase Summary of Benefits:
-    Promotes Fat Loss (2,3,4)
-    Promotes Management of Blood Sugar (1, 5, 6)
-    Increases the Ability to Train More Intensely, for a Longer Duration of Time (4,5,7)
-    Improves Mood and Sense of Well-Being (1,12,13)
-    Promotes Management of Insulin Levels (1,2,7,9)
-    Increases Glucose Uptake into Muscle Cells (2,16)
-    Decreases Glucose Uptake into Fat Cells (2,16)
-    Decreases Sugar Cravings (5)

GlycoPhase Highlights:
-    Help Get Leaner Without Stimulant Based Fat Loss Products (1,2,6,9,11)
-    Helps Manipulate Carbs to Work for You, Not Against You (5,6,7,8,9)
-    Helps Promote Optimal Nutrient Absorption (6,9)
-    Maximize Muscle Glycogen Storage in Order to Minimize Fat Storage (6,9,12,17)
-    Helps Use Body-Fat for Fuel (Energy) More Efficiently (1,2,13)

Bottom Line:
No matter what your health and fitness goals are, helping harness the powerful effects of insulin can most likely help you achieve them!

For a further more in depth understanding:

Glucose and Glycogen in Laymen’s Terms:
All dietary carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the small intestine and then absorbed into the bloodstream. From there the glucose will either be used as an immediate energy source for ATP synthesis or will be stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue, utilized as fuel immediately, or converted to triglycerides and stored as body-fat. Glucose is only stored as glycogen until glycogen stores (in the muscles and liver) are topped off and then the excess is converted to fat. (23)

The Role of Insulin in Laymen’s Terms:
Insulin plays a crucial role in the modulation of glucose and protein synthesis, which is crucial to how the body responds to exercise, food intake and other physiological demands. (2, 3) Many people know that insulin transports glucose in the blood into various cells around the body. What is lesser known is that the body does not preferentially store glucose into muscle cells over fat cells unless there is a specific condition that encourages it. (4) The body will simply move the excess glucose out of the blood in order to prevent toxicity and any complications that may arrive from it, which means that fat cells are a target for glucose dumping as well. There are several ways that an environment can be created to ‘encourage’ glucose to be moved preferentially to muscle cells, and that is through exercise, translocation of skeletal muscle Glut4, and other sensitization methods. (3, 4)

Insulin and Fat Loss:
Insulin stimulates fat storage by stimulating fat cells to take in glucose and impairs lipolysis which means that it stops the body’s ability to break down stored fat for use as fuel. Ideally, you want to create an environment where you are able to assist the body’s ability to clear glucose out of the blood and into muscle cells with as little insulin required as possible in order to create a fat burning environment. In a perfect scenario, muscle and liver glucose uptake is high, fat glucose intake is low, and only a small amount of insulin is required. Minimal to no fat would be stored under these circumstances. Under these conditions, a person would be referred to as ‘insulin sensitive’ meaning that a small amount of insulin has a maximum effect. (1,2,3,4)

What are the Effects of Blood Glucose Levels on Fat Loss?
Increasing the body’s uptake of glucose is important for people who are trying to lose fat and stay lean because they are often ‘glucose intolerant’ or ‘insulin resistant’ to some degree. This means that the person’s body is not able to achieve normal blood sugar levels after a meal which causes them to have a high blood sugar level. High glucose levels contribute to fat storage and inability to lose weight. (3)

What are the Effects of Blood Glucose Levels on Muscle Growth?
Remember our perfect scenario above in which muscle and liver glucose intake is high, fat glucose is low, and only a small amount of insulin is required. When a person is ‘insulin sensitive’, a small amount of insulin exerts a large effect. When a person is ‘insulin sensitive’, glucose is more likely to be stored as glycogen in muscle tissues rather than as fat. This can help lead to a leaner, fuller, more muscular physique.

What are the Effects of Blood Glucose Levels on Energy Levels?
Blood Glucose (blood sugar) levels can have a major impact on energy levels. Helping maintain a stable blood glucose level throughout the day can help maximize energy levels. (23)

What are Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA’s)?
Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA’s) are a class of supplements that enhance nutrient uptake to cells by increasing the efficiency of insulin. The goal of a true GDA should be to make you more ‘insulin sensitive’, thereby helping maintain stable blood glucose levels resulting in the more efficient use of body-fat and carbohydrates as a fuel source. They work with the body to optimize response to naturally produced insulin and in doing so can help contribute to a leaner, fuller, more muscular physique.

This is where GlycoPhase’s cutting edge nutrient partitioning matrix doesn’t just help it stand out, it helps it stand alone.

What makes GlycoPhase Different & So Effective compared to other GDA’s?
Many GDA’s claim to assist insulin and promote glucose transport into muscle cells, but few actually do this. Most simply block carbohydrate absorption in the intestine, but do nothing to help the body better utilize insulin and create the environment necessary for increased uptake into muscle cells.

GlycoPhase contains 9exciting ingredients, all specifically chosen to do exactly that!

Let’s Examine GlycoPhase’s All-Star Cast of Ingredients:

Agmatine Sulfate:
Agmatine Sulfate is one of the few ingredients that has been shown to have the capability to increase GLUT-4 transportation and mRNA expression in skeletal muscle, making it a prime ingredient to help ensure that glucose transport to muscle cells is favored over fat cells (10). It achieves this through an indirect action on beta-endorphin secretion which, in much the same mechanism as exercise, promotes glut-4 translocation into skeletal muscle through activation of imidazoline I2A receptors. (10, 18)

Berberine HCI:  
Berberine HCI is one of the most effective ingredients currently available for the purpose of reducing blood sugar. While Berberine’s exact method of action is still currently under investigation, it is purported that its ability to activate AMPK is a driver for the regulation of carbohydrate through AMPK’s ability to promote glycogen synthesis and increase glucose uptake in insulin sensitive cells, thus removing glucose from the blood faster for immediate oxidization or stored as glycogen for later use as fuel. (19, 20)

Also, due to AMPK’s ability to promote insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in a method independent of insulin itself, Berberine may have the capability to promote glucose uptake in cells that have become insulin resistant, thereby effectively clearing the blood of glucose in even the most difficult of environments. (19)

Bitter Melon:
Bitter Melon has several active constituents that promote glucose from clearing the blood, with these being charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p.(13,14) Each one of these exerts their hypoglycemic effect via different physiological modes of action, ranging from stimulation of skeletal muscle utilization to preservation islet B cells (cells integral to proper insulin functioning) thus governing most of the process that underpins blood glucose clearing and helps preserve the integrity of the process. (7, 12)

Of importance is the role of protecting Islet B cell health, whereby destruction of these cells results in a lack of insulin production. Bitter Melon protects against this down-regulating the cytokines responsible for islet cell death, namely interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor a, and nuclear factor kappa b. While the likelihood of this occurring is low, protection against it may be worthwhile as the effects are detrimental to overall health and longevity. (12)

Banaba Leaf:
Banaba leaf, most notably its primary active ingredient, Corsolic Acid, has been reported to decrease blood sugar levels within 60 minutes in human subjects through its ability to increase cellular uptake of glucose. However it isn’t just its ability to reduce blood glucose that is of value, it is also its ability to assist with weight loss. In a study that tested a combination of Banaba, Bitter Melon, Gymnema, and Bioperine on weight loss, subjects lost an average of 6 kilograms over a 12 week period. (13)

In various other human trials, Banaba extracted for Corsolic Acid has been noted to decrease blood glucose by up to 30% in a matter of hours, even when compared to placebo. Its proposed mode of action lies within its ability to stimulate Glut 4 translocation and induce insulin receptor phosphorylation, both of which promote the clearance of glucose from the blood. (14)

Gymnema Sylvestre:
Formulations that include Gymnemic Acids have been used as a useful tool in the fight against obesity. The proposed method of action is through its ability to delay glucose absorption in the blood, thus blocking the over secretion of insulin which may under normal circumstances dump glucose into adipose tissue. (5, 16) Gymnemic Acids have a very similar structure to that of glucose which enables them to compete for the same receptor locations in the intestine, effectively delaying the absorption of glucose into the blood. Gymnema is also particularly useful at curbing sugar cravings due to its ability to fill taste receptors on the tongue, thereby preventing the action of sugar molecules attempting to stimulate the same receptors. (16)

Other mechanisms by which Gymnema is proposed to work include increasing the secretion of insulin, promoting regeneration of islet cells, and increasing the utilization of glucose. (5, 16)

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a mitochondrial compound heavily involved in energy metabolism. It has various benefits across a myriad of biological processes, including but not limited to neuroprotection, cholinergic transmission, dopaminergic transmission, cholesterol transport, and energy expenditure. (8, 15) It also has a range of benefits pertaining to glucose uptake and AMPK activation, outlining a similar method of action to Berberine. In the murine model, Alpha Lipoic Acid is able to significantly mediate gene expression key rate limiting enzymes involved in glucose metabolism, which is able to increase the rate of glycogen production in the liver. (8, 11, 15, 17)

Na-R-ALA is the sodium version of the R isomer for Alpha Lipoic Acid which is the most stable and bioavailable form of ALA currently available. It works through the same mechanisms as Alpha Lipoic Acid, but on a much larger scale. Na-R-ALA is most commonly known for its ability to produce dramatic muscle pumps, resulting from increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.

Saffron is one of the most underrated glucose disposal agents currently available. It works via multiple methods to directly influence glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity in muscle cells, promoting muscle pumps, and improved blood glucose clearance on an unprecedented scale. (6, 9) It strongly increases cell insulin sensitivity through insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent pathways, and has a major role in promoting Glut-4 transport through AMPK activation. (6, 9)

Glucose transport into skeletal muscle is regulated by 2 distinct pathways. One of which is AMPK and the other is PI 3-Kinase. (2, 6, 9) The P 3-Kinase pathways include activation of Akt, which promotes glycogen synthesis and activation of key enzymes responsible for Glut-4 translocation. AMPK on the other hand plays a vital role in glucose and lipid metabolism. Both pathways increase phosphorylation of mitogen-activated kinase (MAPK) which participates in full activation of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake via GLUT-4. Saffron actives both pathways, hence its effectiveness in clearing blood glucose into skeletal muscle and, where too much glucose is shuttled, it is able to facilitate its preference to glycogen storage over adipose tissue storage. (2, 6, 9)

Chromium is an essential mineral which regulates insulin in the body and blood glucose, a mineral which roughly 25-50% of the US population is estimated to be deficient in. Because of its role in the regulation of blood sugar, a deficiency of Chromium may result in glucose intolerance, fatigue, and anxiety. (20) Chromium supplementation may also assist in the reduction of snacking behavior and binge eating. (21, 22)

The Most Comprehensive GDA Available
For Dramatic Pumps, Lean Muscle Gains, & Fat Loss!  

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Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Helped with gains!
    Taking these helped burn fat and helped me achieve new goals in weight lifting!
  2. Quality
    Works great for me
    I’ll will be ordering this product again. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Awesome pumps...
  3. Quality
    Overall Good
    I really like this product. It helps with a slight recomp, reduces bloat when you eat carbs, and pumps you up when you eat carbs. It is not a magic supplement if your diet is crap. But if your diet is decent with a cheat here and there you will get good results.
  4. Quality
    Best GDA
    Best gda on A1 and likely anywhere. Check the label..this product has all the right ingredients with more of them as well than other gda's. i always look for the best product for the money and this is actually the best product and also the best deal at 2 bottles for under 50$. The next best looking gda to me seems to be redcons RPG but a single bottle is over 50$ so glycophase is a no brainer! Get it while you can
  5. Quality
    Great product at a great price! Feel full and pumped for hours during and after workouts. This is not a "well now i can have a cheat meal every day" product! Use it right and you will see great results!
  6. Quality
    It WORKS!!
    I've been taking Glycophase for about 3 months now. My fasted as well as my 2 hour post evening meal Glucose Levels have come down almost 20 points each. I can tell where I'm leaning out due to less fat storage, and the all day pumps from taking twice a day are awesome!!
  7. Quality
    Good product
    Very happy with this purchase. Product does what it claims. Pumps are better, also feel leaner when using
  8. Quality
    This GDA works!!
    I have used many GDA products in the past, and some simply provide no benefit which is even validated by blood-glucose tests. This isn't the case with Glycophase; this has been supported both with empirical evidence and also the benefits of less bloating and muscle fullness the next day. I've experienced all of the benefits and highly recommend it!
  9. Quality
    Great Pump, Less Bloat, More Hunger!
    GlycoPhase (GP) has been great to me. Unfortunately I'm too afraid of little picks to check my blood glucose levels, but, at the same time, I don't really need to check because I can feel this stuff working.

    I dose 2 caps of GP about an hour before training and a half hour before pre-workout meal which typically consists of 60-80g of carbs plus some fat and protein of course. While training, I feel great muscle fullness and notice a slight increase in vascularity without feeling any bloat.

    Post workout I will literally feel the pump continued for hours. I've felt it for 5+ hours which is amazing. Veins will still be out, muscles will still feel hard. Really a cool feeling. It's not a HUGE night and day difference, but it's obvious something is going on, if that makes sense.

    For GP being my first GDA, I have to say it's been a good time. I'm able to eat more food without intense bloating, pumps are better than ever, and I'm even a bit hungrier than usual presumably because I'm digesting and using carbs better. In summary:

    - Way less bloat, if any ever
    - Appetite is up
    - Pump feels tighter/fuller
    - Pump lasts basically all day
    - Vascularity appears more prominent (not by a mile, but a bit)
    - Fiance says I look fuller while training (biggest win!!)
  10. Quality
    Glycophase works great
    So normal fasted glucose is 91. with glycophase it came down to 56.This is my post workout along with my intra workout nutrition. I had my post workout meal about 45 mins post training. My intra and post workout nutrition with the readings:

    1 scoop recovery factor x
    2 scoop hbccd
    10g creatine
    10g eaa

    post workout meal
    8oz sirloin
    12oz purple potato
    1 heaping tbl spn natural honey

    glucose was 178 without glycophase
    glucose was 123 with glycophase

    So Glycophase works to lower blood glucose levels.

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