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Glaxon Super Greens

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Glaxon Super Greens - Antioxidant Powerhouse, Adaptogenic Herbs, Powdered Fruits & Veggies.

Best Tasting Greens In The Galaxy!

Super Greens is a superfood greens product designed to do two things: supportive antioxidants to make up for a lack of fruit and vegetable intake in most diets AND enhance performance. Now if you’re looking for a “greens” product that actually going to provide you some performance benefits in addition to clearing your guilty conscience - Super Greens is your way to go!

It tastes Amazing!! Your search is over for a greens product that is great tasting. Finding a great greens product is so beneficial. Ever feel like your diet is not so great? Maybe it already is great and you’re just looking to boost your immunity or increase your circulating antioxidant levels. Maybe you’re an endurance athlete, and buffering lactic acid while improving recovery time are some features that you really care about. The bottom line is that SuperGreens checks all these greens boxes and then some in order to deliver a delicious greens product that actually stands above the rest.


Super Greens works in a few different ways: 1) First, the Green Balance Alkalyzing Blend actually contains a pretty significant amount of chlorophyll and chlorophyll-related compounds that induce a whole host of endogenous antioxidant enzymes 2) By bolstering immune function and increasing tolerance to extreme exercise with our Supershroom blend 3) Then improving blood flow and circulation with anthocyanins found in Betta Berries.

What are the benefits of Drinking Your Greens?

There’s plenty of logical reasons why most people would drink powdered vegetables in a “greens” drink. Maybe they have a not-so-great diet and want to compensate for their lack of consumption. But how are we supposed to believe that having a scoop of “greens” powder is supposed to compensate for not consuming 3-5 servings of fruits & vegetables per day? Well most of these “greens” ingredients are mostly various kinds of grasses, cruciferous vegetables, and algae that are concentrated into a juice form, which does pretty much strain them of all their nutrients, but it leaves behind some essential fiber that we still need to obtain in our diet. However, something in common that these plants do have is a sufficiently high concentration of chlorophyll. It is the high concentration of chlorophyll that makes these products somewhat difficult to flavor and why more often than not, people get repulsed by these products. But why would people care so much about chlorophyll? Why do people do wheatgrass shots? Isn’t chlorophyll pretty much for detoxifying body odor? (True story.) There is a reason why some people call greens “alkalizing”, and it’s not because they have a direct effect on the pH of the body (a very tightly-regulated process), but do have an impact on the redox status of a few, very important reactions.


Super Greens contains NP Nutra’s Green Balance Alkalizing Blend, which contains Wheatgrass, Oat Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Kale, Spirulina, and Chlorella as sources of Chlorophyll, which should have a positive effect on the use and utilization of the body’s endogenous phase 2 enzymes. This can trickle into other areas of performance such as buffering against lactic acid but also contributes to the constant battle against free-radical damage to your cells.


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