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EPG Steel 75 - Testosterone Booster, Increases Testosterone Levels! Stimulate Sex Drive & Increases Energy! Build Lean Muscle Mass, Burn And Reduce Fat Storage Leading To More Muscle Mass!
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Testosterone Booster, Increases Testosterone Levels! Stimulate Sex Drive & Increases Energy!

Acacetin (5,7-Dihydroxy-4-methoxyflavone) is an anti-aromatase and estrogenic activity blocker that is derived from the Damiana Plant. Aromotase is the essential part to estrogen synthesis in the human body and Acacetin has been shown by researchers to be the most effective natural substance to block the synthesis. Also by boosting testosterone and decreasing estrogen levels at the same time. It elevates the users natural myotropic state that helps you: Build Lean Muscle Mass - Burn and Reduce Fat Storage Leading to More Muscle Mass - Better Recovery and Increased Libido!


In one research study, Acacetin lowered aromatase synthesis by over 60%. There is a common dosage used by manufacturers of 100mg, however the amount of Acacetin in STEEL 75 is 150mg per 4 capsule serving.


Acacetin is not a banned substance by most sporting bodies.

Fenugreek extract improves the testosterone levels by partially blocking the enzymes responsible for breakdown of testosterone. Users observed increase in testosterone levels. A reduction in body fat was observed that is directly linked to improved androgenic activity.

Tongkat ali (botanical name – Eurycoma longifolia) extract enhances testosterone levels and improves sexual performance Tongkat Ali is a medicinal plant from Malaysia and Thailand used extensively for its aphrodisiac properties.

Mucuna pruriens / 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine is a rich source of L-dopa metabolites including epinephrine and norepinephrine metabolites. These metabolites raise dopamine levels in the brain leading to the activation of sexual behavior, as well as an increase in the plasma testosterone levels.

Epimedium or Horny goat weed has long been considered as an extremely potent aphrodisiac. The compound icariin that is found in epimedium works by relaxing muscles by increasing the nitric oxide levels and increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs, thereby increasing libido and desire.


Tribulus Terrestris: A Herculean testosterone enhancer that stimulates the body's production of the luteinizing hormone, which promotes the production of testosterone: the key male hormone responsible for helping to add lean body mass, increases in metabolism, strength, muscle size, density, and fat loss. This ingredient is also helpful in lessening symptoms of angina and enhancing athletic performance, all while supporting sexual health, and a general feeling of overall well -being.

L –Citrulline: Is clinically proven to increase hardness and sexual activity. L-arginine: Supplementation improves nitric oxide-mediated vasodilation; however, it’s hampered by pre-systemic metabolism. In contrast, L-citrulline escapes this pre-systemic metabolism and is then converted to L-arginine, thus setting the rationale for oral L-citrulline supplementation as a donor for the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway of penile erection.

Agmatine Sulfate is a focus and bodybuilding supplement that is sometimes referred to as “Super Arginine”. It exerts many of the same effects as L-arginine as it is a precursor to NO (Nitric Oxide). Nitric Oxide is known to relax the endothelium, the inner lining of the blood vessels, allowing them to relax and expand. This expansion allows for enhanced blood delivery throughout the body, without any associated increases in blood pressure.

Piperine: Is a molecule from black pepper that inhibits enzymes that attack other molecules. Due to this, it is ingested alongside some supplements to increase their absorption rates.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Can’t really say I could see any results with using this product other than sexually wise. In bed I last longer.
  2. Quality
    Not a shabby Test booster
    Ive taken advantage of this bogo a few times now, and this product has proven effective enough that i keep coming back to it. I started on the EPG Testoshred and it was ok but i thought id upgrade to the Steel 75. I was about 2 weeks in and although i was satisfied i was looking for better results so i upped my dosage (2 am/2 pm) to 3 am/3 pm. While im not working out like i used to in my earlier years, Steel 75 has helped me maintain a lean and defined physique as well as bringing my libido up dramatically. Although this product isn't like taking a pro hormone it is definitely effective, especially when the dosage is kicked up a bit. For the price it works out well. Very well.
  3. Quality
    Not having any results
    After reading over and over many reviews I decided to buy this Test Booster ,Steel 75. I have taken it along my other supplements, creatine, protein and thermogenics for almost a month now. I haven't seen any effect at all, not on strength, definition, libido or better sleep as some say. I bought it because it was a BOGO. I regret it. Gonna try something else.
  4. Quality
    Best bang for your buck!
    Such a surefire TB... and for the price it's a no brainer. Try and find the equivalent in another brand at the same price. 2 bottles needed to really let it kick in. I've gone to this product a few times. This and Blue Ice!!! Same company, same deal for a strong, energy through the roof - fat burner. I look forward to trying other EPG products! Not for the weak.
  5. Quality
    Steel 75 is a solid steal
    Awesome product and great deal bogo i feel like im stealing it from A1 lol dumb joke i know. This help increase strength on lifts and in the bedroom. Also loved the recovery from this product. im 41 and i dont bounce back as quick but this stuff had me hit in hard the next day.
    Strength went up and stayed up also good energy not a pwo energy but a nice balance energy. I love this stuff just ordered more.
    If you want a test boost grab this it works.
  6. Quality
    Very good supplement
    I ordered this with a bogo deal just wanted a little power boost and I must say after three weeks I’m pleased with this product I do my workout and still have energy to do it again an unexpected. Benefit is the libido boost I’m 55 and stuff has me ready all day I haven’t had that feeling in years it’s crazy I’ve tried more expensive stuff with little or no results but this product wow I will continue to use as long as it keeps working
  7. Quality
    fantastic lean builder
    this is so effective with a keto diet, wife loves it and I'm generally just happy. even after a huge leg day I seem just relaxed, dry and so strong.
  8. Quality
    Great Test Booster
    Hands down best TB I've tried. Higher libido and aggression. No peaks and valleys, very consistent
  9. Quality
    Can't go wrong
    Can't beat A1s prices and bogos. Epg is a real sold company. They stand behind their stuff rightfully so. Epg steel has definitely given me a boost in the gym and after. Recovery has improved. Can't beat the buy 1 get one for sure.
  10. Quality
    EPG STEEL 75
    Love this.!!

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