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Dark Metal Manson

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Dark Metal Manson - Energy And Aggression! Dark Energy For Your Soul! Push Your Body Beyond It's Mortal Limits And Lean The Weights In Desolation!
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Energy And Aggression! Dark Energy For Your Soul! Push Your Body Beyond It's Mortal Limits And Lean The Weights In Desolation!


If you are Psychotic, or even a little Possessed then don’t hesitate when it comes to trying Dark Metal Inc’s heaviest pre-workout, Manson. Push your body beyond its mortal limits and leave the weights in desolation as your body embraces the dark energy exhumed from the strongest ingredients known to all of mankind. Bring to life the beast inside and drive the nail into your workouts with Manson.


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  1. Quality
    One of the BEST!
    Amazing product! Definitely one for recommendation. It's pretty intense so if you're not use to pre-workouts, then i would i recommend starting with half a scoop. Can't beat the price also.
  2. Quality
    It’s decent
    I only picked it up because it was BOGO. It was alright but the samples they sent were stronger than the Manson which kinda made me wonder if they do that on purpose so you’ll buy the samples after comparing the two. If you want a strong PWO this isn’t the one. It tastes cloudy as hell and the effects are a 6/10. Will not buy again
  3. Quality
    Taste is ehh but great workout
    I ordered the cereal killer flavor, I honestly had to drink it pretty fast to get it down. Doesn’t taste like fruity pebbles at all. On a positive note I had a fantastic workout. Can’t beat it for buy 1 get 1. Id order again just. Different flavor
  4. Quality
    Mixed and tastes fantastic.

    The one star review from a girl named Stephanie is NOT a allergic reaction - that is her no drinking enough water to properly cycle the beta - alanine in this product.

    Strong long lasting energy and a great value.

    Will buy more ASAP!

  5. Quality
    Severe allergic reaction
    TL;DR if anyone purchases this product, I would highly recommend trying a fraction of a serving first — even if you’ve taken every other pre-workout on the planet with no issue — to make sure you aren’t allergic to it like I apparently am!

    I’ve taken many other brands of pre-workout supplements (Bang, C4, Mr. Hyde, etc.) with no problem, even twice within a few hours (shhhh!). Tried this one (one scoop) today for the first time because my fiancé told me it tasted like fruity pebbles — spoiler: It didn’t, but it wasn’t nearly as gag-inducing as some others can be — and I had a horrific (allergic?) reaction to it!

    Pretty quickly after finishing it, I started feeling itchy on my palms, then as it spread to my fingers it became a sharp prickly itching and spread into the back of my hands. It was the most unbearable feeling I’ve ever had. My upper arms and thighs shortly thereafter became itchy too, and eventually my face/hairline became itchy. I didn’t look in the mirror, but my fiancé said the redness had spread to my neck and chest too. The scariest part was my throat felt like it was closing in shortly after this started, but thankfully that part only lasted a couple of minutes.

    I took 50mg of liquid antihistamine within a few minutes of my hands becoming itchy. And within 10-15 minutes took a Zantac at the advice of our neighbor who is an internal medicine specialist. It’s now been 3 hours and I’m finally feeling a bit better, but for the past hour or two have felt dizzy, incredibly fatigued, and nauseated — ironically, the exact opposite outcome I was looking for, which I find partially funny now that I no longer think I might actually die from it.
  6. Quality
    Best Pre-workout I have ever had. Strong but all you need. No crash at the end and the taste is really good as well.
  7. Quality
    Great pre workout
    Great focus and on point energy with no crash
  8. Quality
    Awesome pre workout!
    I’ve tried dozens of pre workouts. Some work great, for a few workouts then you take it and it does nothing. It’s hit and miss for some reason. Others just simply do nothing for me. But if your looking for a nice and consistent pre workout, this is it! Nice “tingle”, great pump. Not over the top one day and nothing the next. Consistent. Look no further, than “Manson”.
  9. Quality
    It is what it says it is! Man, this stuff is powerful. Been taking it for two weeks now and get the same energy and pump as day one. Most powerful one I’ve tried yet. No reason to switch to anything else as long as this around!
  10. Quality
    Strong preworkout
    Been using this for a week now, it’s a really good stimulant preworkout, gives me heaps of energy and makes me last way longer in my workout, tastes good too, but to sum this preworkout up, it gives you ample and explosive energy

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