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CTD Sports Hypercuts - Extreme Fat Loss! Extreme Energy, Appetite Control, Mental Clarity, Focus, Mood, & Removal of Excess Water and Bloat!
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Extreme Fat Loss!


Hypercuts is a cutting edge thermogenic designed to rev up your metabolism, burn fat, supply endless energy and extreme focus.

Hypercuts contains ingredients that have been shown to support weight loss, increase energy and suppress appetite.

Take 1 capsule daily with food. do not take past 4 p.m.

CTD Labs Hypercuts is the ultimate fat burner. Not only does Hypercuts melt away unwanted fat but it also suppresses your appetite. With in minutes from taking Hypercuts you will feel the boost of energy pumping through your body. Not like most fat burners you won't get the jitters with Hypercuts, but you will receive a nice flow of energy without the unwanted crash.


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  1. Quality
    The Best way to loss weight and don't feel like gelatin. I love it! I lost 10 pounds in 1 month. :)
  2. Quality
    Worth it
    I have been using hypercuts for a while. It really curbs my appetite and gives a little boost of energy. Not too much to make me jumpy though. I believe in it, so it works for me. I do believe that you have to believe in something in order for it to work. I’ve lost 50 lbs.
  3. Quality
    Love them
    I love hypercuts, they help my workout, lots of energy, so give it a try.
  4. Quality
    Yes ! It works !!
    Felling better everyday & losing weight !!
  5. Quality
    Great product
    Hypercuts is a great supplement. It gives a lot of energy and suppresses your appetite.
  6. Quality
    Great results
    Great results does as advertised
  7. Quality
    Not what I thought
    The last review looks like it was from December 2016. Hopefully this will provide some current feedback for people looking at getting this supplement.

    When I purchased this product, the ingredients listed it has having AMP Citrate as the driving stimulant. It was BOGO, so I was all for that because I loved how AMP Citrate would really wake me up and keep me going.

    When I received the supplement, I checked the ingredients label and was dismayed to find that the formula was different than advertised on this site. (I emailed A1's support to let them know, and they've updated it since).

    They (like many other supplement companies. I.E. OxyExtreme) had replaced the coveted AMP citrate with the far weaker, but still mostly effective, "Panthergy" stimulant. I figured I give it a shot anyway and see how it worked out.

    Pros: +Panthergy is no where near as potent as AMP citrate, but it does provide a decent boost to energy and focus. I find myself coming down slowly, cleanly wearing off after about 7 to 8 hours later.

    +It will definitely help curb your appetite, but it doesn't wholly suppress it, so you will still have an urge to eat your meals and not have to force yourself to eat.

    +The naringen ingredient helps prolong the effects of the supplement, and I've had it last long enough to get to my second dose without wanting to take it early.

    +It's capsulized, which is far better than tablets, as the ingredients can be absorbed faster. Meaning they get to work faster.

    Cons: -Panthergy is not as effective as some of the other stimulants on the market, currently. DMAA, DMHA, etc. And it's definitely not AMP Citrtate (which was pulled by the FDA).

    -With an 1800 calorie diet, little to no exercise and a sedentary work/home life (like me), this won't help you lose any weight like original OEP would. Your miles may vary (especially depending on levels of physical activity).

    -(A little nitpicky)The bottle (canister) is way too big for the amount of caps it contains, and their relative size. CTD could save money on plastic alone just by shrinking the packaging.
  8. Quality
    The best thing EVER!
    I have been taking Hyper Cuts for 1-2 years. I love these specifically because they give me energy without overstimulating me. They did give me a boost of loosing body fat. These little pills are amazing and I recommend them to everyone! And everyone else loves them as well.
  9. Quality
    Best fat burner
    Hypercuts is amazing, lost 30 pounds in 2 months just taking this and doing cardio 4 times a week. must buy!
  10. Quality
    Does What Is Describe
    I've been taking hypercuts for well over the 12 week period that they recommend. For me it works wonders and it does what it says and more! I love everything about it and I will keep taking it without going on the 4 week break. It doesn't affect me in any sort of negative way... Thank you CTD Hyper Cuts and A1 Supplements for being fast with shipping and always having it in stock!

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