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Animal Stak - A Ready-To-Use "Stack" Of Supplements And Nutrients That All Play Some Kind Of A Role In Building Or Maintaining Muscle!

Animal Stak Is A Ready-To-Use "Stack" Of Supplements And Nutrients That All Play Some Kind Of A Role In Building Or Maintaining Muscle!

Ask any bodybuilder or experienced strength athlete and chances are they already know all about Universal Nutrition's Animal Stak. Half the guys in their gym probably use it or have used it. Ask them to describe just what Animal Stak is, however, and they might need a spotter. That's the kind of product Animal Stak is; it doesn't fall neatly into any preexisting supplement categories. But that doesn't mean it's not a powerhouse of a product. There are good reasons why so many athletes use the Stak.

Animal Stak is a ready-to-use "stack" of supplements and nutrients that all play some kind of a role in building or maintaining muscle. It's similar to a test booster, but it's more than that. Animal Stak's does address testosterone, but also others things like cortisol and estrogen. Take just as directed and use Animal Stak in conjunction with a strength training program. Each jar lasts for one 21 day cycle, you're going to like what Animal Stak can do for you in just 3 weeks.

Pro Testosterone Complex


All in all, you can think of the longjack extract complex as the doorway that helps allow increased free testosterone to flow through your blood. In addition, the Pro Testosterone Complex is rounded out by fenugreek seed, stinging nettle root and maca extract. Fenugreek contains high amounts of furostanolic saponins, which are natural plant chemicals that can boost testosterone levels. Finally, this complex contains an exotic herb that is native to Peru, maca extract. Maca is a purported aphrodisiac and sex drive booster that contains specialized plant sterols. Researchers that worked with maca speculated that it naturally increases free testosterone levels. Working synergistically with these other pro-free test substrates, that speculation rang loud enough to make the cut in the reloaded Stak.

Anti-Aromatase Complex


Another important aspect of Animal Stak is the Anti-Aromatase Complex. In order to capitalize on the blast of utilizable testosterone provided by these ingredients, Stak comes fully equipped with a combination of potent natural anti-estrogens. First among these is the ultra antioxidant resveratrol. Resveratrol acts like a shield. It binds to the estrogen receptor and works to block circulating estrogen from ever hitting the target receptor, thus inhibiting unwanted estrogens from reaching the receptor. The complex is then further fortified by hearty dosages of other proven anti-estrogens; calcium D-glucarate and diinodolymenthane (DIM). Calcium D-glucarate is a potent antioxidant that helps to inhibit or stop the beta-glucuronidase enzyme (and a high amount of this enzyme is bad) that can interfere with the glucuronidation process. When a used toxin, such as estrogen remains bound to its water-soluble bond it will be eliminated from the body rather than being re-circulated in the blood stream. This helps limit the amount of free estrogen being reabsorbed and preserves the amount of glucuronic acid available for detoxifying other problem toxins.


Restorative Support Complex


Rounding out the new Animal Stak formula is a newly designed Restorative Support Complex. This complex is jam-packed with restorative nutrients to optimize ones internal environment. The herbs and nutrients within this complex provide important support for healthy adrenal, liver, cortisol function—all-important but often-overlooked aspects for not only promoting proper recovery and repair.. Healthy organs and glands keep the system running properly when hitting heavy weights. The Restorative Support Complex contains a blend of milk thistle, astragalus, ashwagandha extract, Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (Na-R-ALA) and Coenzyme Q10. Together they help assist the body from a variety of restorative angles, allowing better training capacity, improving endurance, minimizing the catabolic stress response, supporting a healthy sex drive and boosting overall immune system function.

This is the ultimate purpose of Animal Stak, thus the reason we go the extra mile to make sure this new formula is complete, comprehensive and loaded to the hilt.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Animal Stak

    Always great
    Animal Stak has been a staple for me for 15 years. It changes every few years but it is always the best legal and natty supp I have ever taken. Always good gains and lean up while on it.
  2. Animal Stak

    Great product and cycle frequently.
    I've used about 5 cans of animal stak over the last couple years and enjoy cycling it when I have the cash. It definitely improves workout performance in the gym. I can go longer and with less fatigue. Outside of the gym, I feel this product gives me a little bit more of an alpha edge than normal. Definitely noticed an increase in libido as well. I normally do 2 cycles with a week break in between before laying off and jumping on something else like M-Stak.
  3. Animal Stak

    Everything got big except....
    Animal stak is powerful!!! Before use of the product I walked around with balls, now they are more like marballs.
  4. Animal Stak

    I wake up nearly every morning and, after the first two weeks, felt more energized and recovery time has decreased. I believe animal stak contributed.
  5. Animal Stak

    Good Product
    Did my first cycle on animal stak and happy with results, definitely noticed a change for the better in performance and size. Happy enough with results I would buy again and reccomend to people I know
  6. Animal Stak

    I'll continue buying
    After starting my second cycle I've noticed a good change in the gym and also my physics is finally getting compliments
  7. Animal Stak

    good one
  8. Animal Stak

    love it works great
    I take this on my way to the gym with my pre workout drink. Animal products kick butt
  9. Animal Stak

    Very Good Results
    Never used a product like this before but had several symptoms of low T so friend suggested it. I noticed increased energy and performance in the gym after about 2 weeks and sustained since.
  10. Animal Stak

    I will buy this product again
    I take this daily and it works great. I am more focused and makes me feel great! I will definitely keep this as a part of my stack.

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