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World Nutrition Vitalzym

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World Nutrition Vitalzym - Helps Maintain Normal Enzyme Levels! Extra Strength Systemic Enzyme Dietary Supplement!

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Helps Maintain Normal Enzyme Levels!


Enzymes are the building blocks of life. Enzymes are the biocatalysts necessary for the chemical reactions associated with breathing, growth, reproduction, digestion and all other metabolic functions. For most people under the age of 25, enzymes are efficiently produced by the body to maintain optimal health. As we age, our levels of enzyme production begin to decelerate. This reduction of enzyme levels may cause our bodies and normal body functions to break down.

Supplementation with systemic enzymes may help the body to more efficiently use its own metabolic enzymes, thereby reducing the physiological effects of aging. Vitalzym is a unique blend of powerful systemic enzymes that may help the body to more efficiently use its own metabolic enzymes.

Physicians in Europe and Asia have long prescribed systemic enzyme supplements to restore enzyme levels and promote natural healing. Combined with professional healthcare, proper diet and exercise, Vitalzym may help you to maintain proper enzyme amounts and balance your body's own repair mechanisms.


Proprietary Blend


Vitalzym is recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide. The unique blend of vegetarian enzymes, flavonoids, and antioxidants has been formulated for 100% bioavailability.

Serrapeptase, a key ingredient in Vitalzym, was originally discovered in Japan and is commercially produced there for medical applications. It has been used as a substitute for animal-derived enzymes, such as chymotrypsin, due to its stronger effect in terms of bradykinin-decomposing activity. The serrapeptase used in Vitalzym is the same as that used by the Japanese blend of serrapeptase. (Dasen, Takeda Company Limited)


New Advanced Delivery System


Vitalzym has been reformulated with a technologically advanced delivery system that allows for reduced dosage and vastly increased effectiveness

Enteric Coating - The effectiveness of any systemic enzyme is determined by the amount of activity level in the brood stream (in vivo) after being absorbed from small intestine. Enzymes, whose activities are significantly lost in an acidic environment, must be protected for their utmost effectiveness. Enzymes will begin to lose their activity once introduced into the low pH (1.0 - 3.0) acids of the stomach. The amount of activity loss is dependent upon the individual enzyme and the amount of time in the stomach. Studies have shown that unprotected enzymes can lose up to 100% of their activity in fewer than 30 minutes in pH levels below 3.0. The only method to ensure that 100% of the ingredients are not destroyed by the stomach acids is to enteric coat the enzymes. Vitalzym has been reformulated to use a high quality enteric coated gel capsule.

Solubilized Liquid Filled Gel Capsule - At the center of the advanced delivery system is a new Solubilized Liquid Filled Gel Capsule. The technology of liquid enzymes is superior to that of capsules filled with powder due to low heat production, more uniform dose distribution and prolonged enzyme activity.

Low Heat Production - Enzyme blends are available today that use an enteric coating, however they are in tablet form. The disadvantage of these blends is the amount of heat created when compressing the ingredients in to a tablet. Enzymes are susceptible to high temperatures and may begin to degrade during the manufacturing process. Solubilized Liquid Filled Capsules allow for an enteric coated enzyme without activity loss from heat. Throughout all of the processes,
Vitalzym is produced under strictly controlled temperature ranges.

Optimal Distribution - Liquid enzymes are able to provide a more uniform dose consistency because the mixing of liquids allows for optimal particle distribution. In powder formulations, each particle of a different enzyme is different in size, causing greater friction between particles when mixing. Excipients are introduced to powder formulations to help increase the mixability, however liquids still prove to be far more evenly distributed allowing for more consistent dosages in each capsule.

Prolonged Enzyme Activity - Enzyme blends retain moisture from water when they are produced. When tested using the industry standard "loss on drying" measurement, these blends typically have a 5-10% moisture content. Powder enzyme blends will lose activity as this moisture dries, resulting in a loss of up to 20% of activity over a 12 month period. Vitalzym uses enzymes with higher purity and less moisture that are combined with Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT).

The process of combining with the MCT's causes the moisture to separate from the enzyme blend so that it can be removed before encapsulation. As a result, there is no loss of enzyme activity after production due to moisture drying. Users will also experience the many health benefits of MCT's. Vitalzym has been reformulated with a technologically advanced delivery system that allows for reduced dosage and vastly increased effectiveness


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