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VPX Sports SyntheSize

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VPX Sports SyntheSize - Ignite Muscle Gene Proteins! Speed Up Lean Muscle Growth With This Stimulant-Free Post Workout Supplement! Enhances Post-Workout Recovery And Muscle Building!

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Explosive Lean Muscle Growth with Research-Proven Science!

If you're searching for skin-tearing pumps and mind blowing workouts, it's time to step your game up with the Shotgun/ Synthesize stack. To further capitalize on the incredible muscle pumping, anabolic environment created by Shotgun V3; VPX has formulated Synthesize to enhance post workout recovery and muscle building, thereby fully taking advantage of the hyper-critical post-workout anabolic window.

Synthesize was formulated as the "post-workout" synergist to Shotgun V3. The most notable difference between (pre-workout) Shotgun V3 and Synthesize is, Synthesize does not contain "REDLINE Energy Technology." Because Synthesize contains zero energetic compounds (ie, REDLINE Technology) it can be taken any time of day, even before bed. However, to obtain the greatest possible anabolic gains, VPX highly recommends stacking pre-workout Shotgun V3 with post-workout Synthesize.

This stack contains super potent ingredients that other companies couldn't use because of their lack of scientific sophistication. Shotgun and Synthesize are the absolute best pre-and-post workout supplements to ever be invented in VPX's state of the art laboratories. Here are just a few revolutionary anabolic-boosting and cell-swelling ingredients that you'll find in the next evolution of pre-and-post workout products Shotgun and Synthesize:


  • COP - Creatinol-O-Phosphate
  • Di Sodium Creatine PhosphateTetrahydrate
  • BPOV - Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium
  • Beta-Alanine Ethyl Ester HCI
  • PeptoPro - Casein Protein Hydrolysates
  • GBB - Gamma-Butyrobetaine


While these ingredients are only a fraction of the best vascular-inducing, muscle-building ingredients found in Shotgun and Synthesize, once you experience the insane episodes of physical intensity, sets that seem like they can go on forever, and muscular pumps that are so powerful you'll think your skin was ready to peel away, you're going to wonder how you ever trained without this stack before.


Promotes MASSIVE increases in Insulin without High Glycemic Carbs!


Once you experience the insane episodes of physical intensity, sets that seem like they can go on forever, and muscular pumps that are so powerful you'll think your skin was ready to peel away, you're going to wonder how you ever trained without this stack before.




In assembling the pieces of the scientific puzzle, SYNTHESIZE was formulated to mimic the insulin response generated by high glycemic (high GI) carbs (i.e. sugar) to activate beta-cells and stimulate whole body creative retention! One of the solutions was to use bis-Picolinato Oxo-Vanadium (BPOV) which is a potent form of chemically altered Vanadium that makes beta-cells super responsive to insulin. Additionally, Beta-Alanine was employed to stimulate research-proven whole-body creatine retention! In fact, these two compounds are far more effective than sugar-laden “N.O.” supplements without the unwanted carb-induced side effects – water retention, bloating, and an increase in body fat. You train intensely to get lean, hard, and pumped with crisp, water-free muscle separation, and this is where sugar free SYNTHESIZE® out performs the competition!


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  1. Quality
    I’ve been a VPX user for at least ten years...plain and IS THE VERY BEST!
  2. Quality
    This is a killer supplement
    You should have seen the vascularity crawling threw my body. IT WAS INSANE!!. This stuff taste great take on a empty stomach and hit the gym its great..
  3. Quality
    Good Stuff
    Good stuff. I'm a hard-gainer but I have used this product for a few years during my weight training workouts and am a fan.
  4. Quality
    Very good supplement
    The VPX brand has been around for years and still develops cutting edge science backed supplements. My recovery and muscular development are benefited imencely when I use this as a during workout supplement.
  5. Quality
    NO-SyntheSize by VPX
    been using it for a few years as a muscle-building supplement. really like the taste too.
  6. Quality
    Will Buy This Product Again!
    I Take this along with VPX's NO Shotgun and love the results. it has increased lean mass dramatically for me. Highly recomend if your trying to lose fat and gain Lean muscle.
  7. Quality
  8. Quality
    Good workVPX!
    I have heavy workout and NO Syntesize recover me fast
  9. Quality
    Awesome product
    Have been taking with NO Shotgun have seen awesome results.
  10. Quality
    A Pick above the REST
    This is THE BEST product ive ever used postworkout. 99% of the creatine postworkout supplements are the same a little bit of creatine maybe some glutamine and some other stuff just to fill the label. Sometimes if your lucky they throw some BCAA's in there not enough to matter just enough to say they did. VPX goes above and beyond not only gives you enough BCAA's to matter you also get a

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