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The Future in Creatine Science!

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The Future in Creatine Science!

VPX CREmTOR (pronounced kree–em–tohr), represents the future in creatine science! You’re probably wondering, “What on Earth is mTOR”? Simply put, mTOR not only increases protein synthesis, but also increases your body’s capacity for even greater protein synthesis. Protein synthesis means making new muscle proteins. This is the process of repairing and building bigger muscles! With the potent trifecta of creatine monohydrate, patent-pending L-Leucyl-L-Isoleucine, and our patented creatine peptide called mTORC1 [a Covalently bonded Creatine/Leucine peptide], you’ll be packing on lean  mass fast!


Recently, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted VPX United States Patent number 8,445,466 for Bio-Active Aqueous Stable Creatine Species, more commonly known as mTORC1. In this invention, creatine is linked to an amino acid or peptide forming a powerful covalent bond. These creatine di-peptides can be hydrolyzed to release creatine and amino acids in the body once they have been consumed. Chemically, these creatine di-peptides have an amide bond, which is very stable in normal conditions. However, when these di-peptides are ingested, the gastric fluids in the stomach (which are highly acidic with pH levels between 1.5 to 3.5) can break down the amide bond, and then the free creatine and amino acid are released.

mTORC1 Creatine Peptides are not only are more water soluble, but also stable in water at room temperature, and they’re even fairly stable for many months at over 103°F! This means athletes can finally enjoy a potent, stable creatine in their favorite pre-, intra, and/or post-workout RTD, and people like YOU and I can just walk around ripped like Rambo!

Remarkable -- but is mTORC1 Creatine Safe?

Funny you should ask. Through MTDS (maximum tolerated dose studies) in Sprague-Dawley rats, VPX tested dosages as high as 2000 mg per kilogram / per day. Even with this super high dosage, there were no clinical signs of toxicity or adverse clinical pathology changes. In humans, that dose would be equal to 14 grams per 2.2 pounds of body weight. This means a 100 pound female could tolerate 45 grams (45,000 mg) per day while a 200 pound male could tolerate 90 grams.    


In most drugs and nutrients, increasing solubility is usually desired because it means the compound will be more effective. However, as we have witnessed in VPX laboratories with CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester) and Cr-HCl (Creatine Hydrochloride), improving creatine’s solubility meant that these forms of creatine rapidly convert to a useless substance called creatinine, which taxes the kidneys and has none of the benefits of creatine. For example: Even though CM (Creatine Monohydrate) is far less soluble than CEE, CM proved to be far more effective than CEE in several studies. mTORC1 increases BOTH solubility and stability for unparalleled potency! Increasing solubility only becomes beneficial if you can keep the creatine molecule stable and resistant to creatinine conversion. The new, highly soluble and highly stable mTORC1 amide-protected creatine species will open an entirely new explosive opportunity that will revolutionize the medical, scientific, and sports nutrition industries.

Whether you’re looking to enhance performance, increase lean muscle size and strength, stave off fatigue, or rapidly reduce the time it takes to recover, CREmTOR can help take your training to the next level! Activate muscle building mTOR with CREmTOR Today!

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