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Vitol Russian Bear Nitro Pre Workout & Post Workout Formula

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Vitol Russian Bear Nitro Pre Workout & Post Workout Formula - Growth Formula! Strength & Power Booster! Intense Mental Focus! Extends Endurance & Speeds Recovery!

Growth Formula! Strength & Power Booster! Intense Mental Focus! Extends Endurance & Speeds Recovery!


World renowned Dr. Val Vasilef -Researcher in Advanced Nutrition and Sport Science – winner of numerous physical fitness awards including Mr. America has developed this SUPERIOR ERGOGENIC formula designed for beginners, competitive, serious Hardcore Bodybuilders and Professional Athletes in all sports.


RUSSIAN BEAR NITRO ingenious ONE OF KIND formula incorporates ADAPTOGENS, METABOLIC INTERMEDIATES, EXOGENOUS ACTIVATORS, ENERGETICS used by both Russian and USA’s pro bodybuilders and athletes.It’s superior and unique POWERHOUSE formula delivers stamina, focus and fast recovery while promoting extreme muscle growth


Growth Formula
Strength & Power Booster
Intense Mental Focus
Extends Endurance
Speeds Recovery




Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Stimulants
Calcium Silicate
Acesulfame potassium
Silicon Dioxide
Caffeine Anhydrous


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  1. Quality
    Russian Bear
    Don’t drink it all at once, if you’re a light weight. It’s potent, so take a sip right before your set, you will have an excellent mind to muscle connection. I had no negative effects and all gains. I’ve been a gym rat for year's, and I would say it’s one of the best intra-workout supplements.
  2. Quality
    Not Impressed
    I've tried several different pre-workouts over the years. Honestly, this is one of the worst I have ever taken. It gave a dirty energy for me, and gave me chills the entire workout and i felt "cold" for 2-3 hours I took it.
  3. Quality
    This stuff is a beast!
    Week 2 and I made the mistake of the suggested dose 1 and 1/2 scoops. Holy Moley I felt like I was going to die and I got really cold. This lasted around 4hrs and I found it hard to interact with anyone. After lowering it to just a half scoop the next workout it was still powerful. I am using a small scoop that I used to take powdered l taurine with. Its a tiny scoop like a pinch sized dose. I am feeling the russian bear! My bench and squats nearly doubled in just three workouts.
  4. Quality
    Very experienced here;
    Competitive bodybuilder. Training for 20 years. I love stims. DMAA based, old ephedra based, I remember original Ultimate Orange, love the ephedrine hcl based ECA etc...
    That being said.
    There are no stimulants in this product. None.
    This stuff fkd’ me up.
    Not necessarily in a bad way. I had a great workout. Felt focused. Felt full and tight. Felt strong. No stims but I felt like I took half an Adderall.
    Then? After the workout I broke out in a cold sweat. I was freezing and soaked. Lasted about 2hrs. Made me a little queasy. Felt better after I ate a solid meal. Made me feel a little off.
    Tastes like crap but I mixed a little sprinkle of Crystal Lite with it no problem the second time.
    Overall? It’s good. Legit. Unlike any other Pre.
    Use half a scoop.
    Approach with caution.
  5. Quality
    Crazy stuff
    And I got to say it was beyond what I expected honestly no jitters but strength was through the roof and focus was insane ready to lift any weight there was in front of me, definitely don't do the full recommend scoop cause I thought eh whatever I'll do it any way yeah definitely build your self up to it and see what works best for you! Amazing stuff taste is eh not the greatest but do able
  6. Quality
    Most insane preworkout
    Kid u not, be extra cautious, start with not more than one third scoop, i have been use all sorts of pre workouts and it shook me to the level that i was highly uncomfortable for a long while

    Best non stim stuff u can buy
  7. Quality
    This will be part of my everyday gym life with the results I was able to gain over the course of just 1 container! No jittery feeling and only pure muscle growth and endurance! If you're looking to make a change in supplements from what your currently using you can't go wrong with Nitro!
  8. Quality
    Works Too Good!
    I can put just a pinch in my drink and workout for two hours. DO NOT take the recommended dosage! Definitely worth the price!
  9. Quality
    Don't Poke This Bear!
    I am an experienced powerbuilder and hardcore stim-junkie ... but this stuff right here damn near sent me to the emergency room! I took a scoop after my workout and within a half hour got cold chills, goosebumps and an uneasy feeling all through my body. I've never experienced these sensations before and they lasted for a few hours. Something in this product did not mix well in my body. Fortunately A1 Supplements understood my concern and easily swapped Russian Bear for something else. Results may vary but don't say i didn't warn you!
  10. Quality
    Instense Preworkout!
    This preworkout is absolutely no joke! Be sure to follow the instructions and serving sizes that are recommended. This preworkout is absolutely insane; crazy pumps, intense focus, and strength increase significantly. I would recommend this supplements to others to help improve results.

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