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Vigor Labs Triple Sexual Massacre Stack

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Vigor Labs Triple Sexual Massacre Stack - Break Out The Saw! Triple Sexual Massacre Stack With Chainsaw, Wrecking Ball & Ball Refill!

Break Out The Saw!



Ball Refill

Vigor Labs offers the most extreme sexual health supplements providing mind blowing, heart pounding, body rocking orgasms for men. The best part about sex for a man is unleashing his reserve onto his lover. Ball Refill allows you to increase the amount of volume you have to spray by as much as 600% and shortens the recovery time to do it all over again.




The increased blood flow will make your member so hard and big you will feel like you can saw your lover in half! This product is specially formulated to leaving you with no headaches or blurred vision. Remember that time you were making love and your member was so hard you felt like you could split your lover in half. Well that explains the name, these pills will give you a rocking hard on every time and get you harder faster. Never take more than two of this product. Get ready to break out the saw!


Wrecking Balls


• Naturally Boost Testosterone!
• Counteract estrogen
• Gain muscle fast
• Potent formula
• See results fast
• Boost sex drive and desire
• More energy and vitality

  1. Quality
    Not totally sold
    Wrecking balls test seems to do nothing. Chainsaw does allow for more blood flow but dont expect to sleep afterwards. The semen enhancer only makes the color change to pure white and a slight increase. Nothing really absurd. Overall I would buy the smaller pack minus the test
  2. Quality
    Nice touch with pct I love it with my pre workout and night time formula!
  3. Quality
    Stimulating and Explosive
    Vigor Labs Sexual Stack provides me the added edge to staying locked and loaded at all times. Despite not being an all-in-one supplement, I found that adding a little folic acid, zinc, lecithin and l-arginine to the stack helped with building the ultimate load. Abstaining for 3-4 days while taking the stack, added supplements and drinking coconut water mixed with heads of are bound to have a good time! Trust works!
  4. Quality
    Best product I ever had.
    This has be the third time using this stack. The results physically are amazing. I have get lifts at the gym and sexually i feel filled with energy. The increase in semen volume is no joke. I sometimes wonder if I intend to stop. When some time pass and I am with my girlfriend my first orgasm would last for up to a minute. I would be ready to go all day long and if we went back to back it would be 3-4 times easily. I highly recommend this product. I think even if you just want lifting gains you will be very pleased with the results after taking this. I also recommend drinking a lot of water and sleeping well. Normal health routines should not be neglected! Lift as much as you can, it will naturally increase your test levels.
    P.S. Pomegranate juice
  5. Quality
    Good stack from Vigorlabs
    I ordered my second stack of these from A1supplements. I really like how I perform with them. Wrecking balls is also super good for working out. Chainsaw and Ball Refill do what they promise. Saw hardness and semen increase. Chainsaw started working the first day I took a capsule and Ball Refill took around 14 days to show it’s increase. I will order again when I run out.
  6. Quality
    I'm older male lost my drive found a new man and this stack literally blew him away
    Definitely helped with loads and ewections
  7. Quality
    Works too well! Baby coming soon.
    I took these to have my balls keep producing enough semen to be able to have sex with my girl every morning and night. Dumped massive loads of cum into her every chance I got. Of course, now she's pregnant, but it was totally worth it. 10/10 will continue to buy.
  8. Quality
    Triple massacre stack
    What i've tried so far, has my vote. Thx.
  9. Quality
    Damn, this sh*t ROCKS
    Okay, I ordered this, like everyone else, hoping it would work. I read the good and the bad reviews, and hoped for the best. I'm 50, was diabetic, had other "issues" that delayed orgasm and kept me from achieving and keeping a full erection. I've recently gotten divorced, moved to Chile (where even old Gringos are desirable, lol) and have started hooking up with some nice Chilean MILFS. The first two left me because of my issues, and I had pretty much given up. At about the same time this package arrived, I met a woman who is essentially all of my fantasies come true. Problem? On Friday we're getting together for the weekend and she's expecting me to perform.
    A bit (more than a bit) worried, I decided to open the package and take the supplements, as some reviewers said it took a week or more to kick in. Seriously, an hour later, just zoning on the couch, I had the hardest erection I've had in years. Zoom! So this morning I took the regimen again, and all throughout the day just got spontaneous wood.
    Then tonight, this woman texts me and wants me to do a little video to see if I was up to the task. Again, worried! So she sent me a video of herself to think on (lol) and I got busy. I kid you not girth or length yet...But I had basically what amounts to 3 orgasms in a row, and my stuff shot farther than it ever did even in my twenties. Suffice to say I got a rave review and a free pass to whatever I want. So at least for me, this stuff is golden from day one. Can't imagine when I've done the whole two months, but I will definitely be ordering again!
  10. Quality
    Great products
    I couldn't take all three together, just too strong. I just wanted to try these out to see if they really worked and I have to say I'm very pleased with the product. I only take one at a time spread through the day and I get the results I'm looking for,they all do exactly what they say they will. I will definitely buy again.

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