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USPlabs Super Cissus - Joint Health Formula-Promotes Strong Joints, Ligaments, Tendons And Cartilage! Natural Vitamins & Minerals Helps Deliver Nutrients To Tendons! Keeps Joints Healthy & Strong!

Joint Health Formula-Promotes Strong Joints, Ligaments, Tendons And Cartilage!

 USPLabs Super Cissus Joint Supplements


Super Cissus RX is a reformulated and stronger version of the very popular Cissus RX by USP Labs. The differnence between Cissus RX and Super Cissus RX is that Super Cissus RX contains 10% of the active extract whereas Cissus RX contained 5%. Cissus Quadrangularis has been a staple of traditional Indian medicine for centuries. USPlabs researchers discovered the power of this unique herbal remedy and have now made it available to Western athletes and bodybuilders, or anyone else who wants to support healthy muscle and bone. Super Cissus RX unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterol compounds not support healthy muscle and bone, but actually helps deliver nutrients to tendons.

SuperCissus Rx is infused with natural vitaminsand minerals which can keep joints healthy and strong. After you notice a reduction of injury related pain, 2 capsules of SuperCissus Rx should be taken once per day with a meal to maintain strong, healthy joints.


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  1. Quality
    Good Natural Product
    Amazing product for joint care and acts as an anti inflammatory.
    This worked wonders and kept my knees healthy while deployed where all we have is gravel and mountains to walk up and on, respectively

    Since it is natural, it takes time for it to start working.
  2. Quality
    Nr1 joint product
    Amazing product for joint care and anti inflammation.
    In my staple for years, worked wonders for my shoulder and kept my knees healthy.

    Since it is natural, takes some to kick in ( at least 2 weeks ), but highly recommended !

  3. Quality
    USPLabs Super Cissus CURED ME
    For two months I could not do any upper body workouts as to a stupid heavy deadlift injury messed up my left arm by pulling it out of shoulder and also causing BAD tennis elbow pain and I tried all kinds of inflammation products and tricks and tips on youtube but nothing worked until one day again in desperate search on youtube for something to help heal this arm I saw review video about USPLabs Super Cissus and ordered 2 bottles quick....During the 1st week on product I was able to do light upper body training and was so excited and by 10th day of use all PAIN GONE. So super grateful for this product as I was going nuts not being able to do upper body workouts....THANKS A MILLION TIMES USPLABS FOR SUPER CISSUS as I feel it has saved my life!
  4. Quality
    super cissus
    i like very well. thank you
  5. Quality
    Works VERY well!
    I have never in my life been a "powder pill or potion" person. I have a real degree (Bachelor of Science-not a mail order nutrition degree) in Nutrition and I just don't believe in suppliments. I believe in eating nutritious food from the regular grocery store don't believe the garbage about organic food either. HOWEVER I have carpal tunnel syndrom in my thumbs and simple pains in my back and t
  6. Quality
    Average product
    I'm a professional runner and did not felt any relevant diference.
  7. Quality
    I will buy this again 4 him!
    I bought this product for my fiance who has knee and back problems from years of playing college football. He says he can tell a difference in his knee from using this product and will continue to use it.
  8. Quality
    taking for tissue repair..jury still out
    This product was recommended for white tissue repair. The jury is still out on the product but so far it is good.
  9. Quality
  10. Quality
    Best joint care product!
    Works better than any joint care product I've used. I have bad knees and it really helps with the pain and inflammation. I won't ever stop taking this product.

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