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Untamed Labs Ape Sh*t Cutz - Pre-Workout Thermogenic! High Energy Pre-Workout With Added Weight Loss Ingredients To Create The Ultimate Fat-Burning Ape Sh*t Pre-Workout Supplement!
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Thermogenic Pre- Workout Formulated To Support Athletic Performance, Endurance, And Calorie Burning!

Untamed Labs Ape Sh*t Cutz is a high-energy, thermogenic pre workout drink scientifically formulated to promote increased energy, stamina, and calorie burning during training.Each serving of Ape Sh*t Cutz supplies quality doses of research-backed ingredients to help stimulate metabolism, enhance fat burning, and support weight loss.Ape Sh*t Cutz also mixes easily and delivers the same remarkable flavoring you’ve come to expect from all Untamed Labs products.

 What’s in Ape Sh*t Cutz?

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is well-known for its ability to help increase endurance by way of its ability to enhance carnosine concentrations in skeletal muscle. WIth greater carnosine stores, skeletal muscles more efficiently buffer acidic (H+) ions allowing for increased time under tension before succumbing to fatigue.*

 Each serving of Ape Sh*t Cutz supplies a full 3.2 grams of beta alanine.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is an essential nutrient commonly found in eggs that plays a key role in the development of the brain. It’s also needed for proper nerve function and muscle movement. Choline supplements also support production of the “learning neurotransmitter” acetylcholine, which impacts memory and learning as well as the mind-muscle connection.*

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia is a sour-tasting small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA). A number of human studies have been documented that supplementing with garcinia may help decrease oxidative stress, suppress appetite, and support weight loss efforts.*


What good is a pre workout without a solid dose of caffeine?

 Ape Sh*t Cutz delivers a robust 200mg of caffeine per serving from a combination of caffeine anhydrous and caffeine from green tea.

 This 50/50 blend of caffeine supplies energy with a rapid-onset yet smooth and sustained, sidestepping the jitters and crash of other high energy thermogenic pre workout supplements.*

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion is a plant-based diuretic age, long used to help remove excess water weight from the body. Modern studies have documented that dandelion may increase urine output, as well as frequency of urination, for up to 5 hours!*

Gamma-Butyrobetaine HCl

Gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB) is a carnitine precursor that provides a more efficient means to increasing bodily stores of carnitine than supplementation with L-carnitine.Carnitine’s main purpose is to facilitate the transportation of fatty acids into cell mitochondria so they can be oxidized and used for energy.Ape Sh*t Cutz supplies 40mg of GBB HCl per serving.

 Note that GBB has been known to generate a pronounced thermogenic effect in the body. So, don’t be surprised if you feel the heat with Ape Sh*t Cutz!

Yohimbine HCl

To really dial up the intensity and fat burning effects of Ape Sh*t Cutz, Untamed Labs has added TWO forms of yohimbine alkaloids in Yohimbine HCl and Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine)

 Yohimbine is a well-known stimulant that stimulates release of adrenaline and noradrenaline into the body, increasing energy, alertness, and mood. It also functions as an alpha-2 adrenergic receptor which aids fat burning by inhibiting a process in adipose tissue that encourages the body to store fat.*

Alpha-Yohimbine HCl

Alpha-yohimbine (rauwolscine) is an isomer that functions very similar to yohimbine HCl in that it stimulates the CNS and helps prevent the body from storing fat. Beyond that, alpha-yohimbine also delivers a prominent boost in energy, mood, and motivation, especially when combined with caffeine and yohimbine as it is here..*


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