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Universal Nutrition UniSyn MRP

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A Meal Replacement For Energy, and Multi-Vitamin All Wrapped Up In One!

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A Meal Replacement For Energy, and Multi-Vitamin All Wrapped Up In One!

Uni-Syn represents the highest achievement in the evolution of the meal replacement powder?it is the pinnacle of nutritionally-complete shakes. One serving of Uni-SynTM contains 26 necessary vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, plus a whopping 44 grams of the highest quality, most bioefficient protein matrix in the world (and less than 1.5g grams of fat).

Uni-Syn: The All-New Advanced Nutrient Delivery System

First generation meal replacement powders (MRP), while functional, were very primitive from a nutritional perspective. These powders utilized the existing proteins, which by today's technological standards, are now considered vastly inferior. Plus early MRP's were packed with undesirable ingredients including refined sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup solids, hydrogenated oils, and aspartame. Then corn syrup solids, hydrogenated oils, and aspartame. Then there was the matter of taste. Today, an effective MRP doesn't have to taste like oversweetened cardboard or cause unnecessary flatulence. Now there's new Uni-Syn from Universal Nutrition.

Uni-Syn doesn't cut any corners when it comes to the quality of its formulation. Only the highest quality, most expensive ingredients are used, from the low-molecular weight protiens to the glucose polymers (carbohydrates). Universal Nutrition's primary goal was to create the finest, purest, most nutritionally-dense MRP without all the unnecessary "fillers" found in other powders. You hold the amazing result in your hands.

The key to Uni-Syn is found in its unique protein matrix, Unisyn Protein Complex. It consists of six protein sources: premium ultrafiltrated low-molecular weight whey protein isolates and concentrate, superior isolated casein peptides, glutamine peptides, total milk proteins (TMP), and a next generation egg albumin protein. Together, this technologically advanced fusion of proteins creates a matrix that is not only nutritious but highly bioefficient. Plus, each serving of Uni-Syn provides 22g of efficient carboydrates in the form of glucose polymers. Studies have shown that glucose polymers, unlike refined sugars found in many other shakes, can actually enhance overall performance. Finally, 25 required vitamins and minerals have been added to produce a nutritionally complete shake.

In essence, Uni-Syn is a meal replacmenet powder only Universal's research and development team could have formulated. Uni-Syn is a fusion of "Universal" & "Synergy". It provides you with a "unison" of macro- and micronutrients in key ratios which can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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