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Delivers 22 Nutrients For Optimal Health!

Delivers 22 Nutrients For Optimal Health!

Twinlab Pre-Natal Care Caps delivers 22 different nutrients; the new improved formula delivers higher potencies of many vitamins and minerals in just two capsules than it delivered before in four capsules.

Twinlab Pre-Natal Care is designed for:

  • Women trying to become pregnant.
  • Pregnant Women.
  • Lactating Women.
  • It provides high potency nutrient supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals for pregnant or lactating women, plus more of key nutrients including iron and Vitamin C.
Each capsule delivers 100% of the NIH recommended amount of folic acid for pregnant woman. Adequate folic acid in healthful diets may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a neural tube defect.

Twinlab Pre-Natal Care is available in capsule form rather than tablet form, so they are easier to digest. Twinlab Pre-Natal Care does not contain tablet binders, coatings, or colorings. Free of fish, fish oils, wheat, yeast, barley, rice, lactose (milk sugar), milk and egg products. No added sugars, sodium, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

The iron in Pre-Natal Care is Ferrochel. Ferrochel is a unique form of chelated iron formulated for maximum absorption without gastrointestinal irritation or the constipating effects that often accompany iron supplementation.

  1. Quality
    These have helped me so much.
    I have had chronic low blood count and have had two iron infusions. I have taken prescription iron tablets that have not helped at all. I started taking these about 18 months ago and my blood count has been 12 since, and no more iron infusions. I am 77 years old, not hoping to be pregnant.

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