Top Secret BCAA Hyperblend Energy

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Energized Aminos - Before, During and After Exercise!

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Energized Aminos - Before, During and After Exercise!

BCAA Hyperblend is: Refreshing, Energizing, Delicious, Anabolic. Not Just Micronized, Instantized. With Ursolic Acid.

Top Secret Nutrition's BCAA Hyperblend Energy combines
the power of branched-chain amino acids with ingredients designed to promote anabolic activity and energize your body. The BCAA Hyperblend Energy Team: BCAA's - 3:1:1 ratio of micronized and instantized Leucine (1.8 grams) to Isoleucine and Valine. Energizing Anabolic Blend - Ursolic Acid, Brassinolide and Caffeine (150mg) to provide energy and enhance the anabolic and muscle protein synthesis stimulating effect of BCAA's. Absorption and Effectiveness Blend - Astravar and BioPerine to help enhance the absorption of the other powerful ingredients. BCAA Hyperblend Energy for: Enhanced muscle protein synthesis. Reduced muscle soreness. Increased fat oxidation. Energy and Alertness. Improved muscle recovery.

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