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Syntrax Super Chain

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Promote Muscle Growth And Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness And Breakdown!

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Promote Muscle Growth And Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness And Breakdown!

Super Chain is a dietary supplement that utilizes leucic acid--a compound naturally created in the muscles when leucine is metabolized--to promote muscle growth and reduce post-workout muscle soreness and breakdown.
  • Promotes Maximal Muscle Recovery
  • Optimizes Muscle Growth
  • Most Potent BCAA-type Product Available
  • 4x the Potency of BCAAs with 1/4 the dosage
  • Full 60-Day Supply

Leucic Acid vs. Leucine

One of the key differences between Super Chain and traditional BCAAs is the difference between leucine and leucic acid. BCAAs contain leucine, which is a branched-chain amino acid itself. When it is metabolized, leucine breaks down into a variety of compounds called metabolites.

Only one of these metabolites, leucic acid, can generate the benefits to muscle growth and recovery that BCAAs claim to offer. Since leucine breaks down into many compounds, though, even a very large dose of a traditional BCAA yields only a tiny amount of leucic acid.

Super Chain contains leucic acid itself, so users get a much larger dose of leucic acid in many fewer pills. Even better, leucic acid reaches the muscles unmetabolized, so each dose yields the greatest results by reaching the muscles unaltered.

Super Chain only requires 3 pills per day (1 pill per dose) to achieve its goals. With BCAAs, it would be virtually impossible to take enough pills in a single day to equal the amount of leucic acid in a day's worth of Super Chain.

Even only taking 3 pills per day, a Super Chain user will see noticeable results in as little as 3 weeks and dramatic results as soon as 4 weeks.

Research on Leucic Acid

A recent study on the effects of a 1.5 g daily dosage of leucic acid on athletes during training found that:

+ -Subjects taking leucic acid gained substantial lean muscle tissue, while the placebo group saw a significant loss in lean muscle tissue.
+ -Subjects taking leucic acid reported drastically reduced, if any, pain and stiffness associated with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The placebo group reported normally high levels of DOMS symptoms.

Who Should Use Super Chain?

Super Chain is ideal for anyone who wants to increase muscle growth and/or improve their recovery after exercise. This group includes anyone ranging from bodybuilders to athletes to casual fitness enthusiasts. Super Chain is non-hormonal, so it is safe for men and women. Super Chain is also safe for users of any age.

  1. Quality
    Good Overall Product
    I have been taking this stuff (5-6 pills a day) for two weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised. It is cheaper than a BCAA and just about as effective. I don't feel as sore and it allows me to work out harder and longer. I would definitely buy it again
  2. Quality
    Nice...word is out on this stuff
    I have so many aches and pains after working out no matter how regularly I do becasue of injuries and such; this stuff seems to help a lot.I can work out longer too...surprised!
  3. Quality
    Great Product; It will be Popluar!
    I've been taking conventional BCAA's until now. I read an article in Flex online on HICA and found this stuff which is HICA (luecic acid. The science is obvious; take less works way better and costs less.|I do 2+ hour work outs that are a combination of cardio and strength non-stop heavy activity and I get sore due to so many previous injuries and surgeries but this helped after the first th
  4. Quality
    Much easier than typical BCAA powders
    It's so much easier than the powders that I've been talking in the past! I do only 4 pills per day for recovery from intense training. I do 2 1/2-3 hour workouts once a week and 2 hours 3 times per week. My workouts usually include several rounds of jump rope with push ups squas and abs in between 2 1/2 minute rounds for 8-10 rounds legs or upper body (weights running isometrics and/or bi

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