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Energy and endurance do a great many things for the human body... Learn more.

1. What can boost energy and endurance and where do these products come from?

There are many products and ingredients that can boost your energy levels. Some of the most common ingredients used for enhancing energy are:

  • Caffeine: A central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, having the effect of temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness.
  • Guarana: A plant that produces fruit about the size of a coffee berry, containing one seed, which contains approximately three times more caffeine than coffee beans.
  • Ephedrine: An alkaloid derived from various plants in the genus ephedra. Commonly used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, and concentration aid.

Red wine has also been shown in many studies to be extremely effective for helping increase endurance due to the resveratrol that is found in it.

One other rather impressive energy source is none other than creatine. This is important because our muscle fibers store ATP, which is a high energy molecule. However, your ATP levels can diminish rather quickly, leaving you lagging and in need of energy.

What creatine phosphate does, because it is a high-energy phosphate compound, is gets broken off of the phosphate of the PC molecule. The phosphate is then transferred back to the ADP, which is what is left when the phosphate is broken off of the ATP, to REFORM it back to a it's former self: A High-Energy Molecule!

The reason this is important is because our muscle fibers naturally contain 5 times as much creatine phosphate than they do ATP. So what essentially happens is your cell sends out enzymes that break off the phosphate from the creatine. The energy released from this sever and the phosphate molecule are recombined with the ADP to again form ATP. has a wide variety of products that are specifically designed to enhance energy and endurance, thus helping maximize your athletic performance and (or) workouts!

2. What does energy and endurance do for the human body do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Energy and endurance do a great many things for the human body. Endurance is what enables humans and animals alike to exert themselves through aerobic or anerobic exercise for relatively long periods of time.

Energy is what allows us to be able to perform these functions in the first place. Energy is produced in the body primarily when carbohydrates are consumed. This happens when the carbohydrates are changed into blood sugar or glucose, which your muscles then burn for energy.

Sugar can also give you a quick energy rush, but it is short-lived because there are no other nutrients associated with them, just simple carbohydrates. The reason for the quick energy rush is because sugar is so refined it does not have to go through the normal, slow digestive process.

Rather, sugar goes directly into your bloodstream, resulting in a very short burst of energy that unfortunately, fades quickly.

3. Who needs energy and endurance supplements and how much should be taken? Are there any side effects or symptoms of deficiency?

Any athlete or bodybuilder looking to gain an edge would benefit from the positive effects of any energy or endurance product. Always take and do not exceed the recommended dosage by the manufacturer of the product you are taking.

Like anything else, when consumed in proper amounts and in moderation, energy and endurance supplements can be very beneficial. However, on that note, you do not want to abuse or take more than recommended dosage.

Some side effects that are common would be nervousness due to too much caffeine. You can also experience a "crash" that comes from taking too much of one or multiple products.

That crash is experienced when the extreme energy high you are on wears off and your body cannot adjust quickly enough.

Just remember to listen to your body and if you are feeling jittery or nervous, it might be a good idea to pull back a little on what are you taking. Also, it never hurts to consult with your doctor or physician if you need professional advice regarding your health.

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