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Spartan Protein - Spartan Whey Multi-Stage Maximum Absorption Protein Blend! 25.5 g Of Protein! No Amino Spiking! Full Disclosure Formula! Build Lean Muscle & Enhance Muscle Recovery!
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Spartan Whey Multi-Stage Maximum Absorption Protein Blend! 25.5 Grams Of Protein! No Amino Spiking! Full Disclosure Formula! Enhance Muscle Recovery With Great Tasting Flavors!



WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE FOR LEAN MUSCLE: The perfect post-workout solution for those looking to build lean muscle mass, Spartan Whey contains 20+ grams of protein per scoop. This easy-to-digest protein is perfect for building muscle and strength since it contains high-quality amino acids. Whey protein isolate is one of the easiest to digest protein sources and is rapidly absorbed by the body.

MAXIMUM AMINO ACID BIOAVAILABILITY: Spartan Whey is the first protein powder to include AstraGin. AstraGin has scientific studies in humans showing its ability to maximize amino acid absorption in the gut - with some up amino acids up to over 70%! With 25mg of AstraGin added per scoop of Spartan Whey, you can ensure that you will absorb and better digest your protein powder supplement than other competitors - Perfect for anyone who want the most from their whey protein powder drink.

SLOW IT DOWN WITH MICELLAR CASEIN: Spartan Whey is a protein powder blend, meaning it offers sources of fast and slow-digesting protein. With Whey Protein Isolate, you get an immediate burst of protein, but, with Micellar Casein, you pace our amino acid and protein delivery over the course of 8 hours. This maximizes muscle recovery and growth.

MUSCLE RECOVERY & ENHANCED WEIGHT LOSS: Due to being a premium source of amino acids, the building blocks of lean muscle tissue, whey protein powder supplements like Spartan Whey are ideal for those looking build lean muscle or recover better from their workouts. Those who supplement their diet with high-quality protein powders notice better recovery. A diet higher in protein also helps enhance weight loss due to protein's ability to increase metabolism.

NO AMINO SPIKING // GREAT FLAVORS: Quality is our #1 goal at Sparta Nutrition. We thoroughly test every batch of protein to make sure zero corners are cut. There is absolutely zero amino spiking or cheap fillers added to our protein. Months of research & development went into our incredible tasting whey protein blend. The result was the best tasting whey protein powder with a creamy, milkshake like consistency that is sure to make your tastebuds happy.


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  1. Quality
    Good protein
    Good tasting protein
  2. Quality
    Spartan Whey
    Tastes like cereal tried two flavors. Getting ready to order and try Jacked Apple spartan Whey
  3. Quality
    Best protien I've ever tried, wil definitely keep buying Spartan Whey. A1 supplements is amazing!
  4. Quality
    Spartan Whey + A1 delivery
    I love Sparta Nutrition products. It was a no brainer try their whey protein. I was able to order a flavor that Sparta had listed as sold out and received it in less than 3 days. I trust A1 with all my future Sparta product purchases due to their ability to deliver without any compromise.
  5. Quality
    It's just "alright"
    First, really impressed with the fast delivery, that was the high point of my order and i'll be ordering again from this site for that reason. However, the protein powder itself isn't anything special, at least not the double stuffed cookies and cream flavor. It's not terrible and is drinkable, but it is by far not the best tasting cookies and cream flavor ive ever had and is not worth the price. Its way too bland, I mixed it with milk and with go either way. Just alerting all those that read this, I wouldn't buy this based on some of the reviews you've I did.
  6. Quality
    Cookies and cream is awesome!
  7. Quality
    Better than gold standard
    Amazing taste, Marcos, Gains. Have tried many proteins this one is my favorite hands down. Recommend blueberry muffin, fruit loops.
  8. Quality
    Better than gold standard
    Amazing taste, Marcos, Gains. Have tried many proteins this one is my favorite hands down. Recommend blueberry muffin, fruit loops.
  9. Quality
    Great taste and great service
    First time trying out this protein and i gotta say this is legit. Tastes just like a bowl of fruit loops and i used water! Guna try blueberry muffin next. Also A1 service is great got the protein in 3 days with no issues. Great protein even better service!! Would reccommend
  10. Quality
    Typically known as a harsh critic. Simply put this is the best protein I've ever had. Breaks down easy, taste just like fruit loops! Sparta nutrition killing the protien game with this one.

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