Solaray Cascara Sagrada 450mg

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Solaray Cascara Sagrada - Commonly Used As A Mild Herbal Laxitive Formula!

Commonly Used As A Mild Herbal Laxitive Formula!

Cascara is a small to medium-size tree native to the provinces and states of the Pacific coast, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California. The bark of the tree is removed, cut into small pieces, and dried for one year before being used medicinally. Fresh bark has an emetic or vomit-inducing property and therefore is not used.

Northern California Indians introduced this herb, which they called sacred bark, to sixteenth-century Spanish explorers. Being much milder in its laxative action than the herb buckthorn, cascara became popular in Europe as a treatment for constipation. Cascara has been part of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia since 1890.

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