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SAN MyoTEST - Muscle Mass & Strength - Pro Anabolic Amplifier! Dramatically Enhances Sexual Vigor & Stamina! Promotes Energy & Strength!
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Muscle Mass & Strength - Pro Anabolic Amplifier!


  • Increases free (unbound) testosterone levels by inhibiting SHBG without a subsequent surge in Estrogen.
  • Aids HPTA recovery after length cycles.
  • Coax (modulate) estrogen into friendly metabolites thus mimicking a SERM.
  • Dramatically enhances sexual vigor and stamina.
  • Promotes energy & strength, assists endurance & shortens post workout recovery.
  • Experience no natural testosterone shut down as Myotest is 100% natural, .


MyoTEST The Action Man stonishing Gains in Ripped Muscle Mass and Strength are yours with MyoTEST, The Revolutionary New Quad-Threat Anabolic Stack to hit 2009. At last, turn your body into a natural testosterone producing factory so powerful that even the dreaded enemy estrogen will become an ally!

We all have been there before, Testosterone levels are at an all time low, estrogen controls the system, the all consuming flood of weakness is unleashed and the fate of your manhood hangs in balance. Fortunately, an ancient secret buried under the deep sands of Africa and India for untold millennia holds the key to your testosterone's salvation. Myotest, a laboratory bioengineered super test phenomenon has uncovered & harnessed this secret and thus holds the key to muscle growth and strength increases. And we are not talking about just another flavor of the month supplement.

Yes, you heard right. Myotest is a unique combination of anabolic compounds that have been demonstrated to safely increase natural test levels, while managing estrogen, and further using this dreaded enemy to your advantage. This was completely unheard of in the supplement world until now. Remember to get the most out of spiked testosterone levels you also need to control estrogen? Fortunately with MyoTEST you've got this and four other exciting mechanisms covered.


What does MyoTEST contain?


Myotest is the most advanced and potent Testosterone stack combining the purest, most potent form of 3,4-Divanyl (3,4-D5 for short) in combination with 5 equally potent compounds: Icarrin (IC), Osthole (OH), Quercetin (QC), Indole-3-Carbinol (I-3-C) and Resveratrol (RES-5), ever made available to the public. You might not know about 3,4-Divanyl, I-3-C, Icarin, Quercetin & Osthole yet...but this awesome combo elevates & liberates test, battles stress and controls estrogen to increase anabolic effects.

Myotest is a true "Quad-Threat" that simultaneously enhances & liberates test, while manipulating estrogen. That's precisely what you need if you're interested in getting huge, strong, and ripped.


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