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SAN Lipidex

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SAN Lipidex - Burn Fat And Boost Your Health! Utilize Bodyfat As Energy And Retain Muscle! Support Cardiovascular And Immune System Health!

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Strengthen Immunity, Build Muscle, And Burn Fat!



Getting ripped, strong, and muscular is easy...if you know what to do. But, that's the problem. Most people don't know what to do. They spend months and years training hard, dieting consistently, sacrificing, yet still don't get the results they've worked so hard for. The solution is so simple, though. The main reason you don?t have the physique you deserve, the strength you've strived for, and the overall health and well being that will keep you progressing toward (and exceeding) your goals at an incredible rapid pace, is because of a lack of essential fatty acids.

What? Come one now? I know what you're thinking, "essential fatty acids are the key? way!" Well, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are just that. They are essential to health and the body can't make them. So they must be supplied from diet or supplementation. You want to know how essential they are? Lack of adequate EFAs can result in minor to serious health problems. That's no joke. So imagine if you're trying to build a huge, shredded, powerful physique and you're deficient in EFAs... your body simply won't be able to function. It's gonna be more concerned with keeping you alive than improving your physical appearance. But, if you consume adequate EFAs on a daily basis, your health will improve, and all of a sudden your body will work with you (instead of against you) in the quest for washboard abs, ripped arms, muscular chest, sliced legs and all the rest.

You may be somewhat familiar with EFAs, but it's important to understand the difference between fats. Bad fats, like saturated fats, compromise health to greater or lesser degrees and are the cause of many health risks. They're like the "Wicked Witch". Essential fatty acids, on the other hand, provide numerous health benefits and can combat and undo many of the effects of bad fats...which would make EFAs the "Good Witch". Most people reading bodybuilding magazines aren't too concerned with health because they're obsessed with building muscle and burning fat. Well, it's vital you understand this point. If you want to get stronger in your workouts, lift heavier, improve endurance, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, you must optimize your overall health. The best way to accomplish this is with adequate doses of EFAs every day.

It's really that simple. If you add EFAs to your daily regimen, within a few days you will feel better. This will translate into more energy for workouts, better pumps in the gym, handling heavier weights for more reps, gains in lean muscle mass and rapidly increased fat loss. How can EFAs accomplish this? Well they are extremely potent and multi-talented.

There are several essential fatty acids (EFAs), but technically there are only 3 known categories. And the most important EFAs out of them are Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which is an omega 3 (W-3) essential fatty acid and linoleic acid (LA), which is an omega 6 (W-6) essential fatty acid. Don't worry about remembering or memorizing that or the ALA, LA or other abbreviations for essential fatty acids. Just make sure you understand what EFAs do for you and how taking them on a daily basis will radically improve your health and the rate you progress inside and outside the gym.

From Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, the body can form other EFA derivatives like EPA-eicosapentaenoic acid, DHA-docosahexaenoic acid (both of which are found in coldwater fish, like salmon), GLA-gamma-linoleic acid (found in borage seed oil and evening primrose oil), DGLA-dihomogamma-linolenic acid (found in Mother's milk), and AA-Arachidonic Acid (found in meat, eggs, dairy, and fish). The main thing is to get EFAs into your body every day.

To demonstrate how potent EFAs are, check out what they do when taken on a regular basis. EFAs increase endurance for longer, more intense training sessions. They improve recovery time so you recuperate quicker, build muscle faster and prevent overtraining. This means that when you use EFAs you will experience both anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Your body will grow, and at the same time, will not be torn down by the stress of intense weight training.

EFAs also impart powerful thermogenic effects. This means EFAs increase fat burning by causing your body to use stored body fat as the preferred source of energy. When this happens, carbs will be used for muscle fullness and protein is used to repair and build more muscle mass. In situations where people are deficient in EFAs, fat is not the preferred energy source. This results in catabolism, when muscle is used as energy and broken down. Carbs are also used as energy which depletes the muscle and loosens the skin. Fat, though, is pretty much left alone, so you get fatter and weaker when you don't get enough EFAs. Essential Fatty Acids basically turn your body into a fat burning inferno, which means you'll start looking more and more like the physiques you admire in the magazines instead of the "before" pictures in ads.

EFAs have numerous other benefits. They improve brain function... so you get smarter, more alert, better able to focus, concentrate, and learn. They also improve vision. EFAs help you experience deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. They fight all sorts of health problems, improve and strengthen the immune system, increase the ability to easily handle high stress levels, improve digestion etc... the list goes on and on.

Essential Fatty Acids are so potent and versatile it's hard to reduce them down to a few simple points. But the main thing EFAs accomplish is greatly improving your overall "strength of health". This means both your mind and body will function at optimal levels. You will become physically and mentally more powerful.

When your "strength of health" is at the highest level, you are not susceptible to health problems that could slow you down. You'll be able to focus and deal with the daily stress of your job or school obligations without becoming sidetracked or overwhelmed. Your body will recuperate quickly and respond by getting stronger and better conditioned. You won't suffer from nagging injuries, or lack of restful sleep. You'll finally function like the genetically elite, the ones who gain muscle and strength quickly and burn fat easily.

Think about how a top NASCAR racing team's pit crew is constantly fixing, repairing, tweaking, and improving their race car. Given that type of expertise and attention to detail from the pit crew, it's no surprise the cars perform at such an incredible high level, under the most difficult circumstances. Can you imagine how much better your own car would perform if you had that same pit crew constantly fine tuning your car? It wouldn't become a Daytona 500 winning stock car, but it would become a super high performance vehicle, regardless of the type of car or the condition before the NASCAR pit crew got to it. Utilizing the proper combination of EFAs on a consistent basis is like having a "strength of health" pit crew constantly tuning up your body for maximum performance.

As was mentioned, EFAs can be obtained through food or supplements. The problem with attempting to get adequate EFAs through food is that you'd have to eat so much fish, nuts, and seeds on a daily basis that you'd never have time to live. Plus, you still wouldn't get the balance and combination of fats found in a sophisticated, scientifically designed blend of EFAs. SAN is the company that has lead the way with so many groundbreaking supplements like T-100, the 1-Test, and the most amazing anabolic "super food", Infusion. So it's no surprise that SAN is once again on the cutting edge of development with their amazing new product Lipidex, which is the perfect combination of EFAs.

Lipidex not only delivers the 3 essential fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9), but also includes additional fatty acids like CLA (conjugated linoleic acid),as well as EPA, DHA, and GLA. What does all this "mumbo-jumbo" mean? Like I said earlier, it't not important to know everything about EFAs or the terms and abreviations. You won't be tested on this. All you need to know is that Lipidex is the result of all the knowledge, research and hard work done by the industry's leading supplement experts to deliver to you the many benefits of EFAs. There are other EFA products on the market, but none provide the unique formulation and combination of ingredients for maximum results.

Lipidex utilizes a specific blend of flaxseed oil, borage seed oil, conjugated linoleic acid and coldwater fish oils to provide the best and more effective sources of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids. This special combination of EFAs is the secret to achieving perfect health, which will make gaining muscle and strength, as well as burning fat, easier than ever.

CLA is found in high amounts in red meat, but the saturated fat content of red meat makes it difficult to justify eating enough red meat to get adequate levels of CLA. But CLA definitely improves the body's ability to utilize fat as the preferred energy source and also has been shown to increase strength, vasculairty and muscle fullness. In each serving of Lipidex, you get a whopping 3000mg dose.

For years, flaxseed oil has been considered an incredibly source for healthy fat. And for a good reason. It's one of the world's richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, containing more than 58% of them. But flaxseed oil also contains Omega 6 fatty acids at approxmiately 14% and Omega 9 at 19%. So it's a triple threat as the 1000mg dose in Lipidex supplies all essential fatty acids.

Borage Seed Oil provides both Omega 6 EFAs and a primary derivative of Omega 6, called GLA (gamma linoleic acid). Though GLA can be formed from Omega 6 once in the body, it's beneficial to take a source like Borage Seed Oil that provides both Omega 6 and GLA. Borage Seed Oil is similar to Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), but Borage Oil is more potent than EPO because Borage Oil contains up to 24% GLA, while EPO contains about only 10% GLA. 1000mg of Borage Seed Oil per serving further enhance the effectiveness of Lipidex.

Colwater Fish Oils deliver the crucial amounts of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which help keep arteries from clogging. 1000mg of coldwater fish oils are found in every dose of Lipidex.

To ensure that the Omega 3, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids are able to convert into the many crucial derivatives, Lipidex also adds the right amount of Vitamin E oil. This guarantees that you get, not only the benefits of the 3 essential fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 but also all the added benefits of derivatives that are formed from within the body like EPA, DHA and GLA. Since Lipidex is further fortified with separate sources of those derivatives (EPA, DHA and GLA) you will experience the maximum benefit of all included Essential Fatty Acids.

EFAs must be produced in a specific manner to maintain the potency of the ingredients. Heat, light and oxygen can damage EFAs. Because of this, they can be easily contaminated if the proper precautions aren't taken. Lipidex is mechanically pressed in a state-of-the-art facility under the strictest conditions of low heat, as well as a light and oxygen free environment. This guarantees the highest quality of the most phenomenal blend of EFAs on the market.

There are homones called prostaglandins in the body. Good and bad prostaglandins can be formed within. Bad prostaglandins (Series-2) wreak havoc on the body's immune system and basically cause it go haywire. Bad prostaglandins prevent you from getting stronger, gaining muscle, and burning fat. Bad prostaglandins put your health at risk. Well, the good news is that the EFAs in Lipidex produce the good protaglandins (Series 1 & 3) that enhance your health and neutralize the bad prostaglandins.

Lipidex is the simplest answer to your question... what question? Any question you have concerning looking and feeling better and making the fastest positive physical (and mental) progress of your life. Plus it's simple to use. Just take 6 softgels with your protein meal (like Volumass) or meal replacement (MRP's like Infusion) daily. After 4-6 weeks you can increase the dose to 4-6 softgels 2 times daily with meals. If you're serious about getting bigger and stronger and incinerating every last ounce of stubborn body fat, you must get started on Lipidex today... and stay on it. To maintain the effects of dramatically improved health and fitness you need to feed your body with the fuel in Lipidex consistently.


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