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Redcon1 RPG

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Redcon1 RPG - Regulate And Partition Glucose! Shuttle Carbs Into Muscle Cells Instead Of Adipose Tissue With The Most Potent Glucose Disposal Agent Around!

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Muscle Fullness & Pumps! Nutrition Absorption! Carbohydrate Uptake!

RPG is the most critical supplement you probably aren’t taking that will maximize your bodybuilding and athletic goals. Glucose partitioning can be quite confusing if you don’t fully understand what creates new muscle gains and what does not. The large majority of people in the world need carbs to effectively gain muscle or lose fat. However, it’s widely believed that too many carbs can result in excess body fat. This is true, but it’s not the whole story.  

When you eat carbohydrates your body releases insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is your storage hormone that can either work in your favor or to your detriment if you aren’t very careful. RPG will ensure that every carb you eat will either be used to build new muscle or to aid in the fat burning process. The excess carbs will no longer be available to store as body fat.

RPG as a glucose portioning agent will make sure that the insulin released by the pancreas while eating a meal in high carbs does not get there too quick and oversaturate the muscle (or fat) cells. This lengthy process will put your body in a much greater anabolic environment, more suitable to athletic goals.


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  1. Quality
    Excellent product
    I love taking RPG with a high carb meal. My muscles have definitely felt more full and the pump is real.
  2. Quality
    Another great Redcon1 product!
    RPG is an excellent product that will help with weight loss goals!
  3. Quality
    GREAT! Awesome pumps!
    I take this product with a high carb meal about an hour before I train and I can tell a huge difference in my workouts. Not only is your body utilizing the carbohydrates more efficiently, but it is sending them directly to your muscles and using it as the energy you need instead of storing it as glucose, aka fats. I leaned out very well on this product and also added on lean mass. Needless to say, it was well worth the money!
  4. Quality
    Great product
    Excellent way to control glucose levels. Take it post workout with my high carb shake.
  5. Quality
    Started taking this supplement sporadically but started taking it more regularly. Since the regularity I have lost 3 lbs. Not much but at 60 I'll take every bit!

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