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Redcon1 Fade Out - Lights Out Sleep Formula! Promotes Healthy Brain Function, Helps Improve Energy, Can Lower Stress And Enhances Productivity!
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Redcon1 Fade Out - Improve Sleep & Promotes Healthy Brain Function!

Deep and restful night sleeps are the key to growth and recovery both mentally and physically. Whether you require 8-10 hours per night or can get by on 4 hours or less, your sleep needs to be quality and productive to make tomorrow the best possible. Fade Out will optimize your sleep and make each minute and hour count. Much like your training, it’s about quality over quantity.

Improve Rest And Sleep!
Promotes healthy brain function!
Helps improve energy!
Can lower stress!
Enhances productivity!

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  1. Quality
    The product works pretty well and I achieved deep sleep. The two issues I have, however, are poor flavor and the product was had to be broken up inside the container as it must have gotten moisture inside of the it.
  2. Quality
    Best sleep supplement yet
    I have tried most sleep aids on the market and nothing else comes close. Taste is just ok but it works better than anything out there .15 minutes after I take it I can go to sleep and stay asleep all night. I wake up refreshed and yes maybe a tad groggy but 1 cup of coffee later I'm ready to go.
  3. Quality
    Knock out
    I have had several sleep aides, and this one surpasses them all. One scoop and 30 min. later I'm out. Waking up can be a little more difficult than I have experienced with other sleep aides, but this is definitely worth the money. I've had better sleep and recovery from my training. It also helps me fall asleep if one of my toddlers wakes me up. I can help them and be able to fall right back to sleep. I got Black Currant for a flavor and it's okay. Not my favorite but it's not terrible. I highly recommend this one.
  4. Quality
    Great sleep - horrible taste
    This is one of the worst tasting supplements I've ever had but the fact that it works so well makes me look past that. Effects come on pretty quick but not overwhelming. It almost feels as if you're just really tired and drift off to sleep as opposed to feeling zonked and passing out. Good, deep sleep. Woke feeling more energized than I do when I don't take it.
  5. Quality
    I have tried different sleep aids/recovery supplements before, and this one is definitely not at the top of my list! Every time I decide to use this after a heavy workout, the next day I do feel rested, but I always wake up with a headache and a little dizzy! I can only think to compare it to the feeling of when you're in a deep sleep and you wake up suddenly and get up too fast and the room spins for a bit. I will finish this tub but will definitely not re-order. I would recommend the RCSS Resurrect over this!
  6. Quality
    Works great
    This stuff really works. I sometimes workout late and even when I take a strong preworkout I am able to pass out perfectly fine with Fade Out.
  7. Quality
    It definitely works.
    Redcon1 has a hell of a formula here. I am kind of a stimulant junkie with my pre workouts, but this Fade Out helps me doze right off when I do need to shut down for the night.
  8. Quality
    Very good! Fade out is more like lights out! Knocks you out and keeps you out.
  9. Quality
    Good stuff!
    The taste is definitely sub-par compared to other sleeping products that I have had in the past, but it definitely gets the job done! I wake up feeling very rested and ready for the day! It is GREAT for heavy lifting days to get a great night's sleep and recover!
  10. Quality
    Solid product
    I was looking for a good sleep product when I saw Fadeout. It was buy one get one free so I had to try it out. I was actually intimidated by the ingredients label, because of the big doses. So this stuff is heavy in Phenibut and GABA, and you definitely will feel it after taking it. I have only taken it a few times thus far, but it has worked every time. Even a half a scoop will do the trick most nights, and the Orange flavor isnt too bad either. Fadeout does make it tougher to get out if bed in the morning but I notice quite a bit more energy throughout the day. Overall it is an effective sleep aid for a good price here on A1. Though I would advise against using it too often, as Phenibut has been known to cause dependency.

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