Red Dawn Vector Shot

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The Strongest Sexual, Mood Supporter And Liquid Euphoria On The Market!

The Strongest Sexual, Mood Supporter And Liquid Euphoria On The Market!

Vector Shot from Red Dawn brings a heightened sense of euphoric pleasure, sensitivity to touch, supported sexual health mood enhancement. It is great for lovers who wish to experience sexual support.

  1. Quality
    It works as advertised!
    The effects of this "dietary supplement" are very pronounced, inducing high levels of energy, empathy for others/euphoria, tingly/touchy sensations throughout the body, and mood enhancing. Not quite MDMA-like, but a different experience that you'll enjoy just as much. It will last about 6-12 hours depending on the individual and how your body reacts to the shot. I would not advised consuming more than one bottle in the same time period. Enjoy!
  2. Quality
    minor x like effects - nice
    I've enjoyed over a dozen times. I don't drink with it (or at all). I do enjoy very mild brownies with it. Most friends have enjoyed. 2 of 10 have puked but they were also drinking. Increased 'touchy feely' and expressiveness.
  3. Quality
    Vector Shot is Hot!
  4. Quality
    vector shots
    well it is not bad but for my money it is bliss shots.but everyone is different

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